What do I do?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 61caddy, Mar 29, 2007.

  2. My rational exactly.
  4. Used Lotus Elise, put on turbo=300hp, weight=2100lbs, fun=WOW
  5. That's very helpful. How did you get so smart?
  7. god damn. miata like whoa.
  8. I love how 1/4 of people have voted Integra, yet none of them dare open their mouths because they know they'll get punked.
  9. miata

    tuning a FWD is like.... [insert analogy here]

    besides, convertable is always a nice feature
  10. Exactly what I was thinking...
  11. I voted Integra because Miatas are for #%$gots.
  12. If by "Faggots" you mean "people with impeccable taste in automobiles" then you sir are correct.
  14. Well, yeah. WTF else would "#%$got" mean?
  15. Ya know, bundle of sticks, cigarette's, gay men, etc... Stuff like that. I'm glad you clarified that the correct meaning in this instance is what you meant.
  16. Miata RWD
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  19. Integras are very good cars, I voted integra. Yes, I prefer rwd, but I also prefer 4 seats and a car that doesn't look like a chick car... but on the other hand, I prefer a car that doesn't look like a rice mobile, but still I'd go for the integra, better made all the way around. Yes, a miata is fun but the integra is too and it's much more practical for everyday use.
  20. what is wrong with your 944?
  21. Miata. It's gonna be like your 944 but even more fun.
  22. Personally, assuming i'd drive it year round id get the Integra.
  23. *Miata with hardtop

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