What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

Discussion in 'Videos and Sounds' started by Kemper, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. I loled. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  2. thats what I think of japanese cars
  3. LOL

    thats what a car with leaf springs get....LOL
  4. haha truth
  6. Corvette's engine

    Poop on a stick
    RX-7's engine
  7. information age
    industrial age
    renniscance age
    medieval age
    leaf springs(corvette)

  8. Forrest Gump

  9. Nurburgring 7.42.9 on "composite transverse leaf springs" that work very well. For everyone who thinks these are typical 1955 pickup truck leaf springs you are wrong.

    How many stock cars from Japan can be made to run this time on the ring? They are beat by what they are making fun of.
  10. I love how he rates the S2000 above everything, and the Z4 above the Elise.
  11. That's what got me going. He's crazy biased.
  12. No you dumb bastards, it's his ranking of cars he would PREFER to drive on a touge style mountain road. Twitchy midship cars are generally less than ideal (steep inclines, declines, and undulating surfaces cause sudden weight shifts too far forward or backwards, which usually gives them unstable characteristics, the common off-camber turns don't help), the beautifully balanced Boxster being the exception. A big Corvette with a wide wheelbase that's consistently criticized for its lack of communication and klunky shifter is even less ideal. The torquey V8 and rather widely spaced gears don't help either. Feedback, driving feel, suspension compliance (to an extent), and stability take precident over raw power and performance in these particular conditions, and it's apparent in his order of preference.

    But what does this guy know? He's only actually driven all these machines, grown up driving these types of roads, and has had a hand in just about every form of motorsport.
  13. hahaha that was pretty funny, and after igol pointed what he was specifically doing out i would be inclined to agree. the production guys off camera laughing when he put the 'vette down so low had me laughing too.

    Any how i dont think the 'vette would deliver the visceral thrills like those other cars in that situation.
  14. Well sorry I don't speak Japanese
  15. Well why didn't he just say so??
  16. totally agree.very intelligent post except that you don't have to insult people.
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    This the world vs. the flawless Corvette shit just gets really old, really fast. Even with full knowledge of how they were particularly rated, there were still the usual responses from both camps.

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  19. Funny coming from someone that whines like a little b!tch every time something remotely derogatory is said about a damn car they've never even driven. You can't even come up with a coherent argument to defend your precious Corvette.
  20. You're pathetic.
  21. lol at bowtie having a big sook.
  22. I have nothing against the Vette (I love them) but do keep in mind as Igol has already stated, this is for twisting mountain roads. And regarding the 'Ring... Japanese power restrictions. I am curious to see what a Z-Tune would run.

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