What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. Steel wheels are really heavy.
  2. Look who's talking.
  3. Rice and not rice, respectively
  4. I don't think having a wing on a sedan necessarily makes it rice. I think their point is that between the OZ Rally and base ES, there's no difference in output. And by Mitsubishis's site, there's no indication of suspension improvements either. Simply switching to lighter wheels should help in reducing unsprung weight, but if your shocks are still calibrated for steel wheels, there may be a detrimental effect in ride, and/or you simply won't realize the maximum benefits of that lighter unsprung weight. Nor is there an upgrade to 4-wheel discs; the rear drums are retained.
    With the Cobalt SS, there is already a stated improvement in supension (monotube shocks no doubt tuned for the larger wheels and tires over the base Cobalt) to go with the 18% increase in power. And the tires and brakes are improved over the base car as well.

    Considering the Impala SS has a 303-hp V8, I'm surprised the wing isn't bigger.
  5. Point taken but it isnt rice.
  6. That doesn't answer my question. I asked how they're reflected in the performance test results in the O-Z vs the base model.
  7. The statistical difference might me minimal but it probably feels better when steering.
  8. Americans don't understand things that don't have numbers attached. Shhhh!
  9. Minimal, or unmeasurable?
  10. I don't know I haven't seen any tests. Still they are a performance upgrade as the unsprung weight is decreased slightly with the OZ wheels opposed to the steel wheels on the standard model. The wing and the ground effect are aesthetic upgrades, not rice. And Mitsu put it in this car as a marketing strategy so they can sell more, and it worked nicely for them.
  11. Again, I have an issue with racey crap on a non-performance car.

    Lancer OZ: "OZ Racing, Rally Edition" Badges and floormats, and a rear wing.
    No performance upgrades

    You've shown me:

    A Cobalt SS which has a larger, twin cam engine than even the SC version, increased horsepower, upgraded suspension and breaks.

    An Impalla SS which has more than 300 ponies under the hood.

    And my personal favorite. The C5R. A fricken RACE CAR. You were really proving something by showing a RACE CAR with a wing?

  12. There IS no difference in performance, and what's worse, the base model Lancer is a real cream-puff. The Badges and floormats read "OZ Racing Rally Edition". That, along with the racey bodykit make it Rice in my opinion.
  13. It's like, barely visible.

    Rice is a huge body kit, giant wing, and neon lights, combined.

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    Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. And of course, you can disagree. But I'm certainly not alone.

    Don't let the racy gewgaws pump up your expectations here. The O-Z Racing Lancer has the same 120-hp four and rear drum brakes as all the other Lancers. It's mostly a cosmetic package, some of which we like — the five-spoke alloys, the leather wheel and shift knob, the real-car-guy set of round gauges. Other stuff we find embarrassing — take the wing, please.
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    Your face is rice.
  16. The "OZ Racing Rally Edition" badges are to show that the same manufacturer that produces the wheels for their WRC cars also makes wheels for their base Lancer, marketing strategy. And I don't see how the wing and ground effects are rice. But whatever...
  17. Your penis is rice.
  18. Yes yes very true, but you see our jap friend here obviously doesnt know anything about cars.. 2F2F!
  19. I was thinking the same thing. I have a feeling a Z-Tune would be bloody fast on the ring.
  20. Your an idiot. He's talking about a specific type of driving and not about lap times or overall performance. Its his preference. Also Skidpan numbers are no indication of handling, only grip.
  21. What a thread, like always, the Corvette fanboys being retarded and SeansVette making a fool of himself.
  22. you love it <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  23. Indeed, loved reading this whole mess. I also loved being accused of "ruining the American Forums", but here we have another proof that all the Corvette whining wasn't/isn't caused by me, but by the fanboys/retards.
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