What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. That isnt what I meant, But yes that could be an example.
  2. He was picking his favourite. For a mountain drive through Jasper, I would rather have a first-gen Miata than a Silverado SS (which would kill it)
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    Have you not looked at the video's we have supplied you with? I am not going to upload it again.


    To put it simply, even the Ferrari F430 did not perform very well. Power is not everything.

    And yes I know the video is a bit strange, especially the intro. Keep in kind that's exactly what it is though, and intro for a dvd put in a comic sense.
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    MY comp wasnt able to download it. so I havent watched any yet.
  5. ....that's already the case.American cars can't do 2 things at once,for example be fast and safe.
    American are doing now what Europeans did 15 years ago,and that is building a car that only has to be fast.
    The greatest example of what i said is the F40.It is the fastest production car around the Suzuka circuit(also from a Best Motoring test).The lap time was clocked in 2000.It beated the F50(for Gubo,yes it was the same day...).
    In 2004,Best Motoring tested the CGT.It was slower than the F40.The course was slightly different and it wasn't a real test but there was a 3 seconds difference...
  6. You simply don't understand...take your car and drive it on mountain roads.Then try to lend a the latest Mini(I suppose you don't have one).Believe me,the first thing you will notice is how it feels and not how fast it is compared to your car.

    Then,if you want to go fast,you will notice that it IS important to know if the car has sudden under- or oversteer.If you're not sure what the car is going to do next,you will be slow because you're simply scared.Then,you will notice that a light shifting feel is better,the brake and clutch feel matters,the sitting position,the seats,...all these things contribute on how fast you will be and on how much fun you have.If those things were bad,you will be exhausted after a few minutes,fun turns into hard work and you will be slower.
    That's what Americans simply don't get:you are the driver and not a passenger.It matters how much feedback you have from the car.

    Also,a fast car on the track is not neccessarily fast on open roads.It's a question of setup.A Le Mans race car would lose to a rally car on an open road by a lot.It's of course an extrem example but it's still true.
  7. excellent explanations DTA
  8. And if you ever spent ANY time watching Tsuchiya's videos, you'd know he's EXTREMELY biased towards Japanese cars (best case in point off the top of my head: BMI - American Touge.) Same as Clarkson and British cars, it's just the way they grew up. Don't pull the blinders over your eyes just because he's a professional - he's got his hometown favorites just like everyone else.
  9. English is, of course, your second language?
  10. No,my fifth laguage.
  11. it just occurred to me........... who cares what they think of it, its still way faster than any production car they have
  12. FTW.

    Insert "ZOMG SKYLIN Z-TUN IS SOOO MCUH FASTR!!!!" comments below.
  13. Yeah, those nips have tiny dicks, too!
  14. The Z-Tune IS faster.

    #$%#ing Japs!
  15. haha

  16. Limited run of 100, out of production. $166,000 as well. Doesn't count.

  17. So the Mac F1 and Pagani Zonda don't count either.
  18. Z06 is fastest car ever
  19. "Same as Clarkson and British cars"

    Don't pay attention when watching top gear much?
  20. Yep and thats why Clarkson thinks that the Honda S2000 is the best sports car in the world.

  21. ive driven a vette owned 1.. and s2k *which is useless for power till the vcrap kicks in at 7k* and a buddies Z4 which is SLOW as all hell.
  22. well the LPE Z06 427 TT is the fastest street legal car so yeh you're right
  23. What a dumba** ignorant biased jap, oh its a ricer so obviously its better than anything!! The Corvette will easily own anything in its class and also cars that cost way more (even 2-3 times as much, i.e. Aston Martin DB9, Porsche Carrera etc.). Also the Corvette posted some insane 7:30-7:40 N-ring time, which is faster than almost anything. I find it funny that in one of the latest Road and Track mags they do a "best all-around sports car" test and to no suprise the Corvette won (no it wasnt even the Z06 it was the base C6), and whats really funny is the cars that that jap was talking about (in the vid) were tested (Z4, S2000, Boxster, 350z, and Elise are all in) for the jap cars the 350z got 8th (dead last place) and the s2000 got 5th place, and the Elise got 4th and Z4 7th place. Obviously the jap has no idea what the hell he is talking about.
  24. "The Corvette" most controversial car ever.
  25. I didn't read all this bullshit. I just looked at the avatar.

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