What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. Feel is handling.

    You can make any car faster around corners by giving it sticky tyres but it won't improve the handling. It will simply make it faster.
  2. Speed around a corner = handling.
    The more speed you can hold around a corner, the better the car handles.
  3. That's not correct. You ever notice that in road tests, magazines put such things such as skidpad, slalom and laptimes under handling? Plus there's a lot more involved that just tires.
  4. Well I guess the US definition of "handling" is somewhat different than our's down south.

    We see handling as having nothing to do with speed. It's all about balance, poise, feel and competence. An MX-5 (Miata) is not a very fast car but has far superior handling to a Viper, WRX, etc.
  5. Thats feel or feedback. Some could say the Miata handles better because it can hold more speed (on tight turns) better than a Viper/WRX etc.
  6. Oh? So the Silverado SS has better handling than a Miata?
  7. And it shouldn't be anywhere near the Boxster S even in numbers considering the much better equipment and development the Boxster S comes with.
    Clumsy? That's odd. Neither the R&T test editors nor Steve Millen mentioned it being clumsy. In fact, they said quite the exact opposite. Yes, maybe *compared to a Boxster S* (which I'm sure you'll admit is not exactly your average car), it may be clumsy.

    It doesn't have to be anywhere near the Boxster S to render that picture ridiculous. Without perspective, a whole host of decent- and even good-handling cars may look like shit compared to a Boxster S.
  8. Based on what?
  9. Handling is not just skidpad/slalom/laptime numbers. Nor is it necessarily just feel. It's a combination of all things together that give an indication of how well a car handles. Handling can be subjectively rated, just as it can be objectively measured. Whichever you think is more important...that's just up to you. Doesn't mean it has to be one or the other but not both.
    An old Miata on stock tires probably won't outcorner a Viper, but to the driver, his ability to trust the machine goes a long way in how comfortable he is in extracting the utmost performance out of the car through a corner (which was the point of verifying handling in the first place).
    On the other hand, you could swap out the fat tires on something like a CGT for narrower tires, and even though you manage to strike the same overall balance, if the car now circulates the skidpad at 0.75g and is slower through the corners by 20-25 mph, we should say the handling hasn't changed? There's no difference? The hell there isn't!
  10. The Miata doesn't outhandle the Viper. Handling is pretty hard to measure by instruments, but I'd say responsiveness based on inputs is a decent way to gauge handling.
  11. I've always viewed handling and "feel" as two separate issues. When automagazines give scores for handling, do they ever including a "feedback" or "feel" score? IMO handling is simply how fast the car can corner, to include entry and exit speeds.
  12. If the Miata is more responsive to inputs (and in turn relays the effects of that input through the steering wheel), doesn't that make the case that the Miata *does* outhandle the Viper, at least subjectively? The only problem with this gauge is that what one person perceives as responsiveness may be different from another person's perception. Some prefer that a car exhibit more understeer in a turn, while others may want a more tail-out attitude. Someone may want a car with slightly slower, but more predictable response while someone else wants a more direct, near-telepathic approach with the car on a knife-edge before losing it. Some prefer varying degrees of lift-throttle oversteer. So how do you ever resolve the question of which car handles better? If it's purely a subjective matter, can you ever?
  13. I guess you can't, really. There is a limit, and I think feel deserbes a 70/30 split with numbers.
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    Just as an example, here's how R&T rates things:
    You'll note that there are points given for slalom and skidpad (what I associate with as "objective handling"), and they also give points for subjective handling and steering. Even though Handling and Steering are listed separately, it doesn't necessarily mean they are mutually exclusive. By "steering", they may mean just how fast the steering feels to them, independently of what the manufacturers provide in the ways of official specifications for their steering ratios. This can be found at parking lot speeds. You also don't need to go very fast to determine that Car A has heavier (or lighter, or smoother, etc) steering than Car B. Although some cars have different steering feel and weighting depending on cornering speed, type of corner, etc.
    But steering feel and feedback are important elements in handling. It tells you what the car is doing, and what it's likely to be doing, based on what you feel through the wheel in correlation to what your eyes tell you (about yourself, the attitude of your car, whatever). R&T also includes steering effort and feel as one of the subjective factors in handling as defined in their "Automotive Dictionary". Other factors include degree of body lean, effects of midcorner braking, degree of understeer/oversteer, etc.
  15. Alright.

    But what's the deal with the Silverado SS vs Miata? Last time C&D tested one, they got 0.74g. Surely an old Miata is much better than that?
  16. I seem to recall Truck Trend or MT getting 0.86 or something, and the old Miata was pretty consistently 0.78-0.81.

    Any which way, skidpad is a pretty awful test.
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  18. It isnt that it was a bigger and better sportscar that got me mad. Its the fact that its American, and people are talking way too much shit about American cars, and it's pissing me off.

    A big reason why American cars arent selling as well as before, is because people have this false and stupid stereotype that American cars are inferior. This video will provide further support of that stereotype and Frankly, I am just fed up with it.
  19. The Japanese manufactuers have it much worse with the whole rice ordeal. Some people think NSX's are rice because Honda makes them!
  20. Could anyone post the video os Tsuchiya driving the Corvette?
  21. Nt as much as the world hating on American cars. Interior this, straight line that. Its plain Ignorance!
  22. Well, Japanese cars are outselling American cars in their own country. There must be a reason for that.....
  23. No. They arent outstanding. They arent advanced in technology as people say they are. Americans have lots of technolgy as well. Its all a Biased way of looking at things.

    like " Toyotas last forever"

    when a Ford F150 is the longest lasting car, next to a Volvo ( which has been recorded)

    Its all Bull.
  25. Dude, Its outselling, becuas epoepl enow have a Biased View about American vehicles.

    It angers me truly, I feel as if I am the owner of GM or Ford, whenever a friend Buys a Japanese car, becaus ethey think American cars are gonnabreak on them, I mean like WTF! has the world gone stupid?!

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