What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. If you read reliability surveys Japanese manufacturers (Toyota, Honda, Mazda...) are always the best.

    And they are making their cars in the USA while Chevrolet is selling Korean cars.
  2. yeah that's true. Speaking of that, I am looking to buy a used NSX as for a project of mine.
  3. I can see where you are comming from, but I honestly still believe Japanese manufacturers have it alot worse. I mean, look at the 2002-03 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ editions. I have heard people refer to them as factory rice. How?! They have undersized wheels, and small spoilers. No Vtec system either. Factory rice would be the Kia Rio 'Tuner' edition, not a smooth family sedan. And then you have the Evo/Sti's, who alot of people presume they are rice because of large spoilers/are Japanese. I remember posting a video of a turbo Integra GSR killing off a Viper GTS with ease, and Antipimpage saying "it still looses because it's an Acura".
  4. I hate you/am jealous

    What year are you looking into?
  5. Perception, it's also the reason Japanese full-size trucks don't sell well in the US. Also the number one selling brand in the US is Chevrolet followed closely by Ford.
  6. the oldest/cheapest one out there so i won't have to spend a lot of money. However, I took a peak on ebaymotors.com and old NSXs (91-94) are going for 30k+. Hell, one person is selling a turbo'd 91 NSX for around 28k. I want to slap on a bodykit, trick out the interior and stuff, and if more money comes in, tune the engine.
  7. They call the 02-03 Lancer OZ rice because it IS. The fact is they have the Lancer name, and the OZ "RACE RALLY" badges, they were redigned with Evo styling ques and there is NOTHING fast about them at all.
  8. It has O-Z Rally wheels.
  9. toytoas usually do last forever, that has been proven yet im not saying that some american cars have, as i have seen several older cars do as well.

    the thing about toyota is that alot of them have barely any problems if you do regular mantience on them with other cars its a diffrent story.
  10. The most reliable car was Lexus, #2 was Buick.
  11. I know.
  12. Remington has proven himself retarded again. It's okay for him to tie his national identity to an automobile's nationality, but the dude in the video is a douche for doing so.
  13. It is "OZ Rally" not "OZ RACE RALLY". It does not have any Evo styling ques, the Evo has evolved Lancer ques hence the title Lancer "Evolution". And who expects it to be fast? It's the equivalent of a Civic sedan with a small spoiler on the end. You don't expect those to be fast. I don't think anyone expects the Lancer to be fast because of a "rally" badge on it. It's like the new Malibu with its "German inspired" suspension. It doesn't really mean anything.

    The only people (at least down here in Canada) that think it's super fast are the people that somehow mistake it for an Evo.

    The only true factory rice imo as I mentioned earlier is the Kia Rio Tuner. Tuner badge, matching window tint, hood scoop and gigantic spoiler + decals. They also happen to come in blue with gold wheels. A complete Impreza knock off.
  14. Ok, so it doesn't have the word "race" in it. It has the word "RACING", to be more specific, OZ Rally Racing Edition. And it has the OZ Rally wheels, floor mats that say OZ Rally Racing Edition, most come with the square Evo style spoiler, though smaller. And you don't think it has some Evo styling ques?
  15. No, it is the "OZ Rally edition". All the badging inside and out of the car say OZ Rally edition. The wheels might say racing on them I am not sure, it's hard to find a pic of them. Of the 2002-03 models the OZ trim was the only one to come with a spoiler unless added on. It wasn't anywhere near evoish imo. It was way smaller, slanted inwards and had a center mount with a reverse light. I also dont' believe it to have evo styling ques, as it is the other way around. Compare the standard 02-03 Lancer with the Evo VII. The Evo VII is based off the lancer (again, hence evolution) and is slimmed down and bulked up at the same time. In fact it is very easy to convert a 02-03 Lancer to a Evo VII lookalike asides from he big buldges. The only thing that might be "evo" styled, is on the Ralliart models shifter, the ring that surrounds it is near identical to the VIII's.
  17. OZ racing is the company that makes the wheels...
  18. It's still a car that has Evo styling ques, a racey looking rear spoiler, rally wheels, RACING badges and refers to itself as the "OZ Rally Racing Edition." And there's absolutely NO performance to this thing whatsoever. To me, it's an obvious case of rice.
  20. OZ Racing Rally Edition, not OZ Rally Racing Edition.

    OZ Racing makes the wheels. Yeah, the rally badge is a little out of place, but it's hardly rice.
  21. It says OZ RALLY, then beneath says "racing edition"

    It's rice
  22. And before you throw a fit, yes I can see that the OZ Racing in is black, and the Rally Edition is in red.

    It's still bigger rice that these two black folks.
  23. what he said. OZ Racing is the registered trademark name of the company. That Lancer isn't rice, though it has the potential to be.
  24. Doesn't look ricey/racey at all to me. It could if you converted it to an Evo look-a-like to some I suppose

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