What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. Oh my god, RICE!
  2. If it wasn't a 400 horsepower, RWD car I'd agree.
  3. Pffft. It has similar bodywork to a 660 hp Ferrari Enzo.

    Rice city.
  4. 'mericans got the rough end of the stick with the GTO looks, the monaro ain't no great shake but it looks a whole lot better then that.
  5. Rice = Racing appearance and/or badges without performance. I'd say a 400 horsepower RWD GTO qualifies for having performance.

    But I do see what you mean. The resemblance between the GTO and the Enzo is striking.
  6. Degrees of perspective. The O-Z Rally looks like a slightly upmarket entry level car.
  7. IMO opinion it looks like the poor boy trying to look like an Evo car. The Racing Edition badges make it worse.
  8. RALLY edition badges.
  9. Oh I'm sorry. OZ Racing
  10. How is putting OZ Racing badge on a car that comes with OZ Racing wheels rice? Besides that fact of the matter the CAR IS CALLED THE OZ RALLY EDITON LANCER. NOT OZ #$%#ING RACE YOU #$%#ING GOONS!

    The stupid Corvette with its GM badge is total rice. Same with the Colbat SS that doesnt come with the Super charger. Total RICE!!!!

  11. It has OZ Racing wheels and OZ Racing badges on a car that is not at all suited for Rally, or any other sort of racing.

    The Corvette is a performance car, as is the Cobalt SS.
  12. Again, degrees of perspective.

    The non-s/c SS is hardly a performance car.
  13. It has OZ RACING WHEELS!!! Mitsu is trying to sell there item with a badge of display saying it has the damn rims.

    Its no different then the Vette with a 405hp badge on the C5 Z06 and the new one with the 500hp badge.

    You gotta be #$%#ing kidding me if you think its rice.

    If anything is the Cobalt SS W/O the sc is rice. Everything of the SS looks but none of its performance.
  14. The non-sc SS Cobalt does have the 171hp 2.4L Ecotec and an upgraded suspension so it certainly offers better performance than the LS/LT/LTZ.
  15. Its so ricy its got uncle bens beat.
  16. I guess that puts it up there with the Corolla S then, oh well.
  17. How is the Corolla S rice?

    Stop trying to pull bullshit out of your ass. There is nothing ricy about the OZ Rally Edition Lancer, just because Mitsu put on the badge that displays that its wearing OZ Racing rims.
  18. I'm not saying there is, in fact I haven't even mentioned the Lancer.

    The Cobalt SS non s/c isn't rice either so stop pulling shit out of your ass.
  19. It has a 171 horespower twin cam engine and weighs under 3000 pounds, plus upgraded suspension. Though you might consider that weak compared to other performance cars, you can't deny that it does have all around performance UPGRADES.
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    Don't let the racy gewgaws pump up your expectations here. The O-Z Racing Lancer has the same 120-hp four and rear drum brakes as all the other Lancers. It's mostly a cosmetic package, some of which we like — the five-spoke alloys, the leather wheel and shift knob, the real-car-guy set of round gauges. Other stuff we find embarrassing — take the wing, please.
  21. Its so rice. It has no Superchager like the SS has. The Cobalt SS came with a superchager but the none SuperCharged SS is just a poser.
  22. It has a larger, twin cam engine with only 34 less horsepower. The N/A is probably ideal for someone who wants to use an aftermarket supercharger or a turbo.
  23. Oh? The Lan Rally Edition has only 44 less horsepower than the Ralliart. It's probably ideal for someone who wants an aftermarket supercharger or turbocharger.
  24. The only reason why you turds dont think its rice is because is a GM.
  25. Yet it has 0 hp more than the base ES whereas the SS has 26 hp more than the LS/LT/LTZ models.

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