What do the Japanese think of the new Corvette?

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  1. They are seperate models, the SS Supercharged is called the SS Supercharged, the NON-S/C is called the SS. You guys were jumping all over him for not getting the names right so the least you could do is get the names right on the car you're criticizing.

  2. The only reason you brought the Cobalt SS into this is because it's a GM, but the problem is any argument as to why it's rice in comaprison to the other vehicles mantioned in this argument has more holes than a practice target at the shooting range.

    Now you're sitting there saying the SS is rice, but somehow the Corolla S with a ground effects kit, bright red S badge on the back, 15" steel wheels w/wheel covers, and no performance upgrades at all isn't rice? That doesn't make a lot of sense now does it? I know you're not being serious (at least I hope so) but you picked the wrong car to bring into this.
  3. You brought the Corolla S into this.
  4. That's great. He also brought up all of the racey appearance additions with NO performance upgrades, as I did on the Lancer OZ Racing Rally Edition.
  5. Lancer OZ, same exact engine with no upgrades, same suspension, same breaks.

    Cobalt SS, larger and higher output twin cam engine, upgraded suspension and breaks.

    Tell me how the OZ is more ideal to modify than a base model Lancer. Even the Rally wheels are smaller than most people would want.
  6. Wow I guess I am out of it. When did they start making a SS non supercharged? Any cosmetic differences other than badging? And no I am not about to start flaming it if it doesn't, just curious.

    Regarding Lancer modifications, I agree with seansvette that the lower trim (ES,LS) of the 02-03 models are just as modifyable (if thats a word) as the OZ. In fact, Ripp Mods (aka Vortech) make a sc for the 02-03 Lancers that boosts power from 120-250!
  7. You can get a damn ricey wing with the Cobalt SS non s/c.
  8. Dude when I see a Corolla S I see a Corolla. Never do I think it was anything more.

    The S has ground effects and looks so alright it must be rice.

    The SS has EVERYTHING the SS has but the supercharger. You're going to tell me the SS without the S/C will run the same times as the SS with the SC? No one gives a #$%#ing shit about the Corolla but the ricers with the GTS ones and thats out of #$%#ing production.

    When someone sees a Cobalt SS there going to say "WoW its one of the fast one!" when they see a Corolla S "Corolla......."

    So tell me which one is more rice? One that reads what isnt? Or the one with a fancy new badge?

    the OZ RACING RIMS ARE #$%#ING RIMS FROM OZ RACING. The badge is calling out that the car is comes with OZ RACING rims.
  9. You're missing the point again. The Cobalt SS (non-supercharged) still comes with suspension, engine and break upgrades over the base model. And even though 171 horespower isn't monsterous, in a sub-3000 pound car that's hardly an economy car. With the SS package you get a larger twin cam engine that is much more ideal for modifying. In fact, it's larger than the SS Supercharged which means if you prefer a turbo or an aftermarket SC you're better off.

    There is absolutely nothing about the Lancer OZ that has anything to do with race improvements, yet it has the OZ Racing Rally wheels, and the badges, and the wing. It's an economy car, nothing more.
  10. And a larger and higher output twin cam engine, upgraded suspension and breaks.
  11. It doesn't have everything the SS Supercharged does, again the SS is a seperate model from the SS Supercharged. It doesn't have the same spoiler or ground effects and you can't the SS Supercharged in a Sedan unlike the SS where you can. The SS is faster than the LS/LT/LTZ so it is a FASTER one.

    "You're going to tell me the SS without the S/C will run the same times as the SS with the SC?" Are you smoking something there? Nobody has even inferred such a thing let alone said it.
  12. What wing? that small ass deck spoiler? Oh wait if we're going to be tech about this its a wing.

    Yeah I mean I dont know it must be rice!

    Pic 1 ES

    Pic 2 OZ

    Pic 3 Ralliart
  13. So you're going to tell me the SS with a SS badge isnt going to get people to hoot that it must be the supercharged version?

    hmm I wonder which one is the supercharged one and which one isnt?

    Of course its the one with the stupid large wing that a honduh fanboy would put on his car.

    But seriously with the photos of the Mitsu posted how can you claim thats rice?
  14. This wing
  15. That's like, a spoiler, and not ricey at all. They've had those on all cars all throughout the 90s.
  16. SS does not mean Supercharged. It means super sport, which means it has performance upgrades. And it does.
  17. Wheels are a performance upgrade, too
  18. Really? Show me how they're reflected in the performance test results in the O-Z vs the base model.
  19. Yeah its a wing? You're point?

    If a wing like that offends you, then you shouldn't click on this picture. So god aweful. You could park a 747 on that damn thing.
  20. The launch of the Cobalt SS came with SuperChargers.

    Thanks for telling me what SS stands for(rolling eyes)
  21. I have an issue with racey crap on a non-performance car, and you show me a picture of a wing on a RACE car?

  22. So according to you it's rice because some people might THINK it's supercharged? Aside from the fact of it having a larger twin cam engine (than even the SC model), and upgraded suspension and breaks... other people's ignorance does not make something rice.

  23. I haven't said it's rice, not one time in this thread have I claimed it's rice, the only thing I'm saying is that the Cobalt SS isn't rice.
  24. I think he's addressing me. I am saying the Lancer O-Z, with the OZ Racing - Rally Edition badges, and the wing is rice because it has NO performance upgrades at all.

    You're offended by a #$%#ing wing thats around 3inch off the deck of the trunk. WTF is wrong with you? How the hell is that rice? If thats rice then almost all the 4 door sedans that we see on the road today is rice.

    I mean heaven forbid Chevy putting a small wing on there impala and Toyota on there Camry. Because we know Toyota and GM had nothing but uncle bens on there minds when they did this

    OMGROXIERS THEY'RE PUTTING RACING WINGS ON A BLAND CAR!!!!! KILL THEM!!!!! with l33t hax07 k3%30rD W/\RR10R S5115!!!!

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