what do you guys think

Discussion in '1998 Autech Stagea RS260' started by Viperkid, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. maybe nissan was trying to make trips to the super market more fun, other than that i think this is a great car, what do you guys think<!-- Signature -->

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    what do you guys think

    I think that this is a phat ride. There aren't many wagons that I would drive. But this is number one on my list of wagons.
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    wow, a twin turbo 1-6, 280 hp STATION WAGON! this is incredible
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    it's just a GTR wagon
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    This is really great, its a station wagon that kicks ass. With 280hp, its not an ordinary wagon. And its looks are sort of futuristicly modern. Shiny hub caps make a car seem really nice, theres just something about shiny caps...
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    Hey mouse guy.......You're a #%$!!
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    It has a lot of Subaru in itbut i think its sweet.
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    To all you none Stagea beleiver/ Haters. I happen to own one of the baddest ass kicking "Wagons around" This car is a muscle pumping wolf in a family mans suit. It has a RB26DETT that puts out 996bhp/679ftlb torque. She rides on 19" bling blings with 245 yoko's out back and 235 yoko's up front. I have a GT-R 34 front clip. And she rides LOW! I live in Japan right now but plan to relocate back state side soon. Stand the F**K by! NON-BELIEVERS!!

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