What do you hate more - Porsche or Maserati

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by blackie, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. I hate Porsche - SO MUCH!!!
  2. Where's the blackie option?
  3. liking a car brand is not like supporting a football team or religion, it is possible to like both porsches and lamborghinis, you dont declare loyalty to one or another

    for example, I like both the plymouth hemi cuda 440 six pack and the EK9 honda civic type R - one is a 60s american muscle car, the other is a 90s japanese import. both are fun and interesting cars in their own ways.

    what exactly is it that you dislike about porsche?
  4. also, i can't believe im actually taking a second account seriously
  5. Porsche rules
  6. i don't hate porsche
    i only think they are good car with bad sound (some models), bad look (most models).
    porsche instantly
  7. I can't believe you are either
  8. I dislike everything
    youre right that i dont really HATE Porsche- just dislike them-
    the round headlights who a SO gay, the windshield sticking up like a butt in a rear view EVERYTHING is ugly on a porsche
  9. Porsche is excellent
  10. Neither, delete this gay 2nd account and get a life
  11. I don't hate either one, but I definitely prefer Porsche.
  13. porsche makes the best sport cars on earth
  14. porsche is pretty shitty so I voted for that

  15. too bad they end up on bricks in your front yard
  16. Maserati are better than Porsche.
  17. Things I hate about Porsche:
    - leaky RMS
    - Gen 1 PCCB advertised as being developed for the track, then crumbling under track use, then refusing to cover them under warranty
    - b1tching about BMW's M3 V8 GTR (FIA GT1, anyone?)
    - calling out Nissan as cheaters and claiming their Turbo was faster (despite every reputable mag on the planet suggesting otherwise); claiming the GT-R laps only about as fast as their Panamera
    - their Panamera
    - Cayenne
    - Miley Cyrus
    - no really hot versions of the Cayman
    - still charging thousands of dollars for optional painted plastic
    - crap 1st generation PDK controls
    - sitting on PDK technology for decades, being beaten to market by Audi/VW and Nissan

    Things I hate about Maserati:
    - ?
  18. I must have missed something, what's the Miley Cyrus connection?
  19. They haven't killed her yet
  20. Don't worry. He's kidding, we don't take you seriously
  22. your best post
  24. i hate your face more

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