What do you hate more - Porsche or Maserati

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by blackie, Nov 8, 2010.

  2. I really have trouble thinking about what to dislike about Maserati. Mileage of the 2nd gen Quattroporte probably. But who the #$%# cares about that if you can afford its maintenance already.
  3. - #$%#ing my engine.
  5. I really wouldnt bring up a reliability issue or expensive options on a porsche when youre comparing it to maserati.

    on a granturismo its 750 bucks to have different color calipers, or almost 2k for an alcantara headliner, or 8k for a 2 tone interior.
  6. I used to not like Porsche for some reason, but now they are probably some of my favorites. Maserati has never impressed me. Iv have never seen one and stood up in my seat and pointed one out to my friends. Now, if I were to see a GT2 RS, I would probably lose control of my vehicle.
  7. When I see a Porsche 911 GT5 RSR GT Le Mans Sebring I'm like oh cool

    When I see a Gran Turismo I insta-pop a boner
  8. I'm only like that when I see a 993 GT2

    Thing is, I live on top of a classic Porsche shop and I see my fair share of 911/964/930/928/944 constantly and it's only the GT's that still do something to me. I think the Porsche I'd want to have the most is a first gen 928 though.
  10. I'm not aware that there are known engineering defects in the Maserati. Nor am I aware that Maserati advertises these failed components as track-tested. I suppose it's entirely possible, so enlighten me.

    But none of those options are trying to give those components the look of what they aren't: aluminum. I wasn't complaining about the cost of options in general.
  11. hmmm things i dont like from the porsche - everything posted
    things i dont like from maserati - the dealerdship didnt let me take home a brochure i can read off of
  12. ahaha are you really arguing that maseratis have better quality than porsches? youre retarded?
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  14. the one thing ill give you is that ya, paying thousands of dollars for shitty palstic parts is a bit lame. still beats paying hundreds of thousands for a whole shitty car (a maserati)
  15. So theyve had 2 engineering defect in the HISTORY OF THE COMPANY, one which they instafixed for all people with problems, the other was the first vehicle to offer the feature standard ever. big deal. Porsche still tops every consumer satisfaction and reliability survey out there.

    Ask TSCM how reliable masers are. Things have electrical systems that might as well be matches, waiting to catch the car on fire.

    I mean, ffs, outside of the pccb failure, my dad (and several buddies), all have like 20k track miles on their cars with zero problems. Nothing else ive been around has fared even a tenth as well.
  16. Maserati has had many issues over the years, so has every car company for that matter. they also spent years not making cars because they were to bankrupt to continue doing so because no one would buy their broken products.
  17. Instafixed for all people...haha. Is that why people have had repeated RMS "fixes"? Guess what. The replaced seals had the same problems. You would think that a massive company with the means to nearly topple the VW empire would have fixed this the first time around, since the 996 days. Just be glad I didn't bring up dropped cylinder liners and intermediate shaft failures.

    Thanks for admitting PCCB failure. It's a well known practice, endorsed by PCA techs online, that GT3/GT2 owners who do extensive tracking swap out for iron rotors for longer wear.

    What are the inherent engineering defects in Maseratis of the modern era? Does Maserati advertise a feature for track use which, when used as advertised, fails? Enlighten me.
  18. If you think I'm arguing that, you're retarded. Everyone knows Maserati don't have the funding nor extensive testing that Porsche have. The fact of the matter is, even with Porsche's massive profits (no doubt fueled largely by their hedge fund activities), they let quality problems persist.

    To sweep Porsche's problems under a rug is a tactic I expected from Porsche fanboys here.

    If you think the QP's interior is bad for the money, then you haven't seen a 996 Turbo interior, especially before the mid-generation facelift (a tacit understanding that the early interiors needed improvement). The QP is also a much more limited production vehicle, so of course it will be expensive. How many 911's built in a year, about 24k+?
  19. I'm not talking about those years, nor the years when Porsche was tanking. Nor am I talking about the era in which Porsche killed off the 944/968 which were some of the finest handling GT's of the time.
  20. In a Panamera, you can get both!
  21. I dont really understand your argument. You admit Porsches are more reliable, yet because they advertise as track ready and Maserati doesnt, theyre somehow worse?

    I think you would probably agree that a Porsche, outside of ones equipped with 10 year old PCCBs, would be a more suitable, more reliable track car, correct?

    Even then, they probably delivered under 1000 cars with gen 1 PCCBs. There were only a couple hundred 996 GT2s delivered, and it was an extremely expensive (and rare) GT3 option. Its one very small volume engineering failure in the big scheme of things.

    the RMS and gen 1 PCCB failures are long in the past anyways.

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