What do you hate more - Porsche or Maserati

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by blackie, Nov 8, 2010.

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    ask anyone with an early Maserati with the semi auto transmission.

    a service for after a track event is very commen. its mostly just to check that all the systems are fine, bleed the brakes, change fluids etc...

    it all depends on the dealers with the warranty claims. the companies can (and will) challenge them if they see fit but most of the time they don't.
  2. A check of systems costing $5k is very UNCOMMON. Bleeding brakes and changing fluids on a GT-R isn't going to cost 5 grand.
  3. youre supposed to change the transmission fluid, which is 800 dollars in fluid alone. 5k was an exaggeration, but its still a very expensive car to operate on track.
  4. You exaggerated by 4-5x's what it actually costs. And who said it was cheap to operate??

    Weren't we talking about:
    1) driving on track = automatic voiding of warranty
    2) parts advertised as being able to withstand the most extreme rigors of road AND track disintegrating when used as advertised

    $800 is for 10 quarts of the fluid, but a good dealer will tell you it doesn't use the full 10 quarts. A mechanically inclined owner can do the fluid change himself, or take it to a reputable independent. That doesn't void the warranty, so long as the owner has receipt of OEM parts and fluid.
  5. I totally call BS on the mechanically inclined owner changing the fluid themselves.

    mostly because 99% of the people that own these cars that say they're mechanically inclined aren't. and the ones that can do it can't be bothered to save the 100 bucks it costs for someone else to do it.
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    I call BS on your BS.
    (Looks like jacking the car up may be the most difficult part)

    We are not debating the % of the population that can accurately call themselves mechanically inclined. BTW, it looks like the labor to change the transmission fluid is more than 100 bucks. Change the engine oil, front & rear diffs while you're at it and you'll be saving a lot more than 100 bucks.

    And you can find OEM fluids cheaper at various places, just like it is with any other marque. Here's a place with a "special" that has been posted since October of 2008:
    That would make it $424 for 8 quarts. Expensive, yes, but a far cry from $800.

    Not too surprising. You can buy OEM Mahle oil filters for some BMW's at 1/3rd of what the dealer charges (1/5th when you buy 5+). They just don't come in the nice blue & white box (or plastic bag, as it is for some dealers).
  7. I like both, but I dont like the Porsche Cayenne.
  8. I only like the cayenne/panamera because they are very high profit margin vehicles that allow the company to support its halo cars. Things like the GT2 RS dont make money for the company, but because of those bastardized vehicles, they can exist.
  9. The panamera would be ok if it wasnt so ugly.
  10. excuses for 2 horrid things on our roads
  11. if its the cost to have the GT2 RS exist without compromising it for the mass market, I can accept it.

    There arent enough cars that make babies cry and little seals die anymore because they cant sell enough to make money. a few 911 models, the (now dead) viper, and maybe a few other select cars are all we have left of the brutal sports cars. Makes me a sad panda.
  12. from a fanboi
  13. I think the Panamera is my favourite Porsche at the moment... until there would be a more extreme Cayman that doesn't have to be "less" in performance because the 911 is supposed to be the fastest Porsche.
  14. maybe you like the idea of owning one not the car itself??? ?
  15. I was really impressed when I saw it, saw quite many by now. In the end I'd be perfectly happy with a first gen 928, though.
  16. i saw many too, yesterday i was behind one in the highway, still can't accept the rear
  17. the front looks pretty good imo, but that rear is just so bad.

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