What do you have hanging from your,,,

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by jebustheallmighty, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. rear view mirror?

    Ive noticed a lot of people with crap on theirs driving around.
  2. nothing.
  4. shinto-buddhist charm my mother gave me. basically there to keep me from slitting my wrists while driving so the interior will be more than one color (gray).
  5. There's a little plastic ninja sitting on top of it, but nothing hanging.
  7. nothing. and i hate those #$%#ers that hang those crystals from it
  11. air fresheners
  12. A little sign that says the security guards at work should open up the gate for me.
  13. Mine is mounted on the dash, so nothing.
  14. Nothing but I do have my Passport 8500 X50 stuck just below it.
  15. kickin it oldskool
  16. A parking permit for school.
  17. dices are gay/stupid/nocool/crap/shit
  18. a Wunderbaum
  19. nothing, anything obstructing my vision drives me crazy.
  20. Sunglasses. THough in Virginia anything hanging from the rear view is illegal

    I'm ridin dirty
  21. Something hanging from the rearview mirror does not obstruct your vision, unless your car is a Messerschmitt or something like that.
  22. Sometimes before or after work I hang my nametag/badge thing from it so I don't forget it. But like 99% of the time, nothing.
  23. A dream catcher for when I fall asleep driving.

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