What do you think of it?

Discussion in '1988 Jaguar XJR-S' started by Wheelman, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Very good looking and nicely trimmed, a great car to drive over the sandy Sunday beaches, over the beautiful sights of the world, for the exhiliration of this car's profound beauty. Nice headlights, elegantly stylish, a gorgeous car.
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    I agree, this is more of a cruisin car than a highway driver.
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    I just like it alltogether
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    yea thats great buy why cant u do that with any other car....

    my friend has a 1987 xjs and playin around we went at it at a light. I was in my intrepid. The jaq was blown away. This jaq V-12 is about the worst v-12 in the modern era, in terms of performance.
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    It is definitely a cool looking car and would be good for cruisin' (as everyone has said) but I reall wish the would've released a higher perfomance model..you know...like the XK8 and the XKR. One with a little tighter suspension, grippier tires, a 4- or 5-speed manual, and maybe 40-60 hp or so. It's design is very sleek but retains it's luxury appearance and I wished they would've balanced the perfomance of both looks out if you get what I'm saying.
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    It aint the best looking car in the world nor the fastest or even one of the best jags but thats ok cos its not trying to be anything its not it kinda looks like wot it is it dosent look fast and its not. I dunno theres somethign weierd bout it thats kinda good tho
  7. xjrs

    good car, my dad has a 1993 6 litre v12 version (i am too young to drive sadly...) only 100 were made in this year, 50 L.H.D. coups for the u.s. and 50 hard tops for the u.k., we have the develpment car for the 91+2+3 cars, and it looks a beast and works like one aswell, doing 0-60mph in 4.9 and a limited 158mph (to keep the german green vegtarien rabbits on bycles happy).
  8. I like XJSs, rode in a few when I was a kid. Earlier XJSs were better-looking, but this was faster.

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