what do you think of the GM 454

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  1. what do you think of the GM 454
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    Ive recently worked on one and to find out how sturdy they are. The rockers r prone to breaking under forced induction. Personly i wouldnt go out of my way to buy one and shove it under the hood of my car, i would take either the cobra jet 429 or the 383 Chev used in the orignall GTO. Both r incredibly stable under forced induction. So the 454 that i found in that Trans Am was usable, but not do-able is u get what im talking about. NOt enough power as well. the one i found ran a dyno of 220kws. That translates to roughly 294 hp. But hey like i say, theres not replacment for displacment.
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    what about the LS6 that made in excess of 450 hp
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    the LS6 is an awsome engine. Ive only worked on one and its now stuck under the hood of my VR commodore. Aussie car. newayz, awsome thing, its easily tuned via the computer to get an extra 30hp, balance the crank to get an extra 15, cams, pushrods, lightin the heads, and even stroke it to another 2000cc is possible. Awsome bloody thing guys, i say its a worthy investment, even if it costs a pretty peny.
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    First of all... the GTO was made by Pontiac, not chevy... the engine designs differ between the two too. Second, they used 389s in GTOs not 383s... 383s are a mopar engine. You can take a 350 and stroke it out to make a 383, 400, any engine size really. 454 can (or do, depending on year) put out WAY more than 294 hp. They are the biggest (stock) chevy engine size and are capable of over 400 hp with nothing tricky. About the rocker arms... i have never heard that, but if youre puttin forced induction on the car why not spend another hundred or two and get some aftermarket rockers. Gaurantee crane rockers will not bust.
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    well said but there is one thing that I would like to say. GM did make a crate engine it was called the 502. i dont know if you would call that stock, but its out there
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    Yea... i left it out, cause its not exactly stock. I believe it's just a 454 stroked out to the 502. Possibly a bore went into it as well. I've heard good things about the 502 though.
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    The word "Boat Anchor" comes to mind!!!!
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    Merican muscle, the displacment can differ between at least 9 cubes in measument. i call them what i found it to be. im sorry im not perfect but hey, i think a mechanic aprentice would know. Anyway, enough sh*ting around. The 454 ran a dyno of around 300 hp. dont fight with me, fight with the machine. this was a fully restored 70 firebird,with the engine in premium condition just as it was like when it was stock. Mate, i believ this is way under powered and was chevys idea, yes, chevrolet built the pontiac engines, to quickly get another pony car against the mustang. say sh*it when u know what ur talking about buddy. i dont have time for 12 year olds. the guy asked a question, i just answered thats all. smart ass.
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    First of all jiffy lube employees are not considered 'apprentices' (notice apprentice is spelled right too)... second i dont know what you did to the 454 to get only 300 hp? Single barrel carb? Third i wasnt fighting, its just that youre terrible sensitive. Fourth, differ by 9 cubes? No. If it differed by 9 cubes the emblem would say "454±9". I believe they ran 455 H.O. on the firebirds as well. Fifth, they gave under-rated ratings, not under-powered cars. They did this because of insurance reasons and GM policy. For a non-apprentice i know a lot about cars. No need to take offense, its just true.
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    Hey, u've got an opinion and thats respectable. It was a 4 barrel carb, holly 400. And as u said, the company's do lye down understatments. Thus the 9 cube differance. The company's back then always, and i mean always tryed to compete for strret respectablity for sales. what sound better as an example, 386 or 400? U seem smart enough to understand. And hey buddy, lay off the typing, im still fairly new to these things. im so sorry that i cant spell that well. And hey, an aprentice is what i wanted to do. I dont want to be a rich bastard who is surrounded by money and only lets his kids get greedier by the minute. Hands on stuff, not talking crap like a lawyer. The standard 454 that WAS restored to its original condition and the dyno SHOWED 301.25 hp.So, go back to school, do ur mommy and daddy happy by having a better chance then i did .keep to ur opinion, ill keep to mine.
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    Assuming this engine IS rebuilt, and that a 400 cfm carb is a 4 barrel... HAHAHA!!! Who in their right mind puts a 400 cfm carb on a 454?!?! I have a 625 on a 383. Thats 225 cfm more for a 71 cube smaller engine. The engine size should NEVER be smaller than the cfm rating. Don't ask for performance from an engine when you're starving it anyways. An apprentice should be measuring the vaccuum in the carb in order to properly feed it. (Or dyno it if you have one on hand) While i lack the ability to raise my children, cause im a rich bastard, but in 3 years i'll be designing the engines your rebuilding.
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    can u tell me the carb used in a stock LS6
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    Holley 800 cfm carb. (double the size used on the dyno) <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    I bet if U got a 800 cfm carb from today, it would give more horsepower.
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    Quite possibly, but you have to remember a car will only benefit from a bigger carb if it can flow enough to use the extra cfm. Porting, stroking, polishing, valve/head jobs, exhaust, a cam, etc. all can be done to get the extra flow.
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    I tend to think you're somewhat full of shit for several reasons. First off, Poncho's used 455's, not 454's. GM didn't start dropping Chevy engines under the hoods of Firebirds until the early 80's. And secondly, you claimed that this '70 Firebird was RESTORED. The 455 didn't make it under the hood of the Firebird until '71 genius.

    What you said about manufacturers bs'ing about displacement is somewhat true though. In 1970 Chevy's 396 cubic inch V8's actually became a 402, but the cars were still badged as 396's.

    Ford's 427 actually displaced 425 cubes but they used the number 427 to one up the 426 Hemi. The 429 actually displaced 427 cubes.

    And 5.0's are technically 4.9's depending on how you round numbers.
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    dont want to offend but why argue about a gm product here in the challenger page. but i would have to agree with merican meuscle, but none of the gm's matter campared to the hemi
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    I know a guy who ordered a crate 502 from GM and it says "not street legal" on the crate. He has got the 502 in a 66 Vette with a Pro Charger. He told me that he tried different transmissions for it but the only thing that could handle the massive torque was the powerglide. The suspension has been replaced with the suspension from a '97 Vette and he uses "home-made" exhausts.

    I love that car because it looks just like a stock 1966 Corvette but it produces almost 1000 hp and runs low 9's in the quarter.
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    Well i hope he has an extra pair of undies with him. I bet everytime he puts his foot on the gas, he prolly shits himself.
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    Yeah that car is scary!! You can check out the car at his company's homepage:


    The page is in swedish, but if you click "gallery" and then Corvette -66 you will find some pics and info (in swedish, but I think you'll be able to understand a few things anyway)
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    what?ur still fighting about this? *sighs*
    kids kids, calm down. If u had half a brain, u would probably know who Pontiac get thier engines from? Yes, chevrolet. Dont belive me? thats fine, i respect ur view. Just go to any thing with history of GM and u might be suprised.
    Where we work, we work in litres not Ci. so, 383 ci? difference of 9? who cares. i take mesurements of the engines, using a formula, i dont take it from the dealer.
    Oh, and the guy slaggin my job and telling me he'll be designing the engines ill be fixing, good on you. i would like to see that attitude get anywhere in the work force. And with ur mechanical knowlege, start praying.
    So keep rippin into the lube guy, its ok. just take a hard look at urselfs when u rip into someone when you yourself is the person at fault.
    Happy b*tching...
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    ....Ain't nobody in here fighting this man...did you even read my posts? Oh yeah, Check out the link I posted....Peace.
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    about that 66 vette, sounds like an awsome machine, poor guy must spend a fortune on fuel ey?
    By anychance do u know what drive train hes running it on?
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    Yeah, It's the badest street legal Corvette I've ever seen.

    He's using a GM 2-speed Powerglide - He told me that it's the only transmission that could handle the enormous torque. Accel multipoint injection intake 1000 cfm, Accel fuel pump, K&N open air filter, Intercooler and a Pro Charger at 9 PSI.
    The whole suspension comes from a 96 Corvette and De Carbon dampers so it handles very well. The car is capable of running low 9's to mid 8's in the quarter.

    It runs on regular 95 octane unleaded fuel and is actually quite fuel efficient for a 8 Liter V8.

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