what do you think?

Discussion in '2002 Ford GT40 Concept' started by DR GODAGUN, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. what do you think?
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    I think you're post whoring
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    I thin any Ford Sports Car would blow away anything especially the GT40
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    The gt40 is a Ford sports car so what are you saying
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    I think you are #$%#ing retarded and you make me sick you pathetic ford loser!Ferrari's Enzo would blow this pile away and run your hillbilly ass
    over to while it's at it!
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    now that would be a race to see (track or drag, but mostly track). the enzo vs. the gt40. shit, id pay to that. it would be close.
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    Anti-domestic, your ignorance amazes me. Besides the fact that the GT40 used to cream ferrari in Le Mans, it also costs more than four times as much.
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    I think that the GT40 is an excellent car, it hs an awesome look, and an awesome sound when the big V8 is running at a high RPm pushing every bit of those horses to the ground. I am glad to see such a beautiful supercar that is american. I know the Saleen S7 is also an american supercar nd I think it too is one of the greats.
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    Hey guess whos 0-60 times are exactly the same..... Ford GT and Enzo Ferrari 3.3 sec. And guess what the Ford GT cost about $500,000 less. And the Enzo can only beat it in top speed by 17 or less MPH.
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    lol, for a dude with 1300 posts you sure do act like a noob.

    I think you, my friend, are the retarded one because the Enzo costs like $500,000 more. And the Ferrari Enzo wouldnt run this over for a number of reasons:
    1. this is higher off the ground
    2. the production version of this has more power
    3. This accellerates just as fast, has a better 1/4 mile, and goes only like 16 MPH less, which STILL costing $500,000 less.

    Hillbilly? ooo, we're so offended. I live in California you moron. And just cuz we like domestics doesnt mean we're hillbillies. hell, seeing as how Ford made a better bang-for-the-buck car than Ferrari, it seems that Ferrari's engineers are the hillbillies, lol.
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    LOL THE FORD GT can kick ass.
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    OOOO! DID YOU HEAR THAT ANTI-DOMESTIC?! A NEW GUY JUST CREAMED YOU! But seriously, make sense or shut up.
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    Yea lol if your Anti Domestic why are you in a Ford GT or Ford forum anyway but u know im just wondering and if you just like the way yo name sounds that is fine too lol.
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    People like that piss me off. They think they know alot about cars ranting their BS in these forums yet know NOTHING. If he comes back and I'm not around, PLEASE just like yell at him (this goes out to ANYONE).
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    Yea heres how peoples respect for cars goes... and it happens to most ppl 1st for ppl that dont really know a lot last for people who really know which cars to respect

    1st- Ferraris and Exotics/Supercars
    2nd- Rycer cars/ Street cars/ Tuners
    3rd- Muscle cars/ Classic cars
    4th- Rare cars/ Car most people dont here about
    5th- Cars from all the catagories that are the best/ you know what to respect here.

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