what does clk mean?

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  1. i know that slk means Sportlich Leicht Kurz or in english-sportive light short but i don't know what clk means so can any one give me thie info<!-- Signature -->
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    slk stands for sporty light kompact
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    um no it does not mean sporty light compact, its german, the first one is right
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    the mercedes abbreviations don't mean anything anymore
    k used to mean kompressor (supercharger)
    e meant einshpritzer (it spelled sumthing like that) meaning turbo charger
    l stood for leicht, or light
    but it doesn't stand for anything any more<!-- Signature -->
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    im guessing clk means clock like it moves like a clock slow and crappy and when something hits it, it falls down and breaks<!-- Signature -->
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    You're a dumbass<!-- Signature -->
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    hahah fall downs and breaks yet you sport a GM sticker the product of shitty car building and poor reliabilty and overall shit cars...hahahha (with exception to the corvette z06 of course) but everthing else they make is pure shit.

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