What does ISO do?

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  1. I had my camera on manual and it told me I had the ISO on 80. It goes all the way up to 1600 or something so would this help reduce some of the grainyness in the sky/picture?
  2. the smaller the number, the smaller the grain will be

    The higher the iso, it is more sensitive to light. So typically you want to increase the ISO the darker it is, but that would also increase the grain. you just have to find that happy place inbetween.
  3. i always put it on automatic. works the best.
  4. well if u have a tripod keep it on the lowest
  5. ISO is the number indicating a digital camera sensors sensitivity to light. The higher the sensitivity, the less light is needed to make an exposure. The camera usually automatically selectd the ISO but most have a setting to change it manually. Auto ISO generally works best for bright scenes.

    Shooting at a lower ISO number requires more light than shooting at a higher number. Lower numbers result in images with the least visible noise, which is desirable. The higher the number, the more noise. The amount and degree of noise varies from camera to camera.

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  7. i have a 3.2mp canon camera. STFU ;_;

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