What does OHV mean???

Discussion in '1999 Callaway C12 Corvette' started by Keanumon, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. What does it mean???<!-- Signature -->
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    Over Head Cam
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    over head valve-pushrod, definetly does not mean overhead cam
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Murray16</i>
    <b>Over Head Cam</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->Your dumb it is Over Head Valve.<!-- Signature -->
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    This Car looks like someone wrapped an engine in a can of sardines!
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    OHV, don't know what it does though. I have a basic idea but not really<!-- Signature -->
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    ohv stands for over head valves. if ur engine is an ohv then u have 1 cam internally. u also have ohc and dohc which stands for over head cam and dual over head cams. this means, as the nmae implies, the cams are over head. ohv is a pushrod engine. this is the platform used for the great american muscle cars. LONG LIVE THE GREAT PUSH ROD ENGINE!!!!!!!
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    I thought this forum was for people that want to talk about this car not other engines and cars!
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    It's Means Over Head Valve. The engine is a bush road engine
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    OHV means Over-Head Valve. Basiclly you have the head of the enigine which in most American designed machinery is flat headed and not Hemi-headed which allows the valves to be angled around the hemispherical head. The cams (usually Twin over-head) are operated straight from the valves themselves. OHV restricts the the engine in that the cams cannot be positioned in an over-head formation and so are acted upon by pushrods coming from the valves which ARE positioned over-head. This setup is not regarded as very efficient when compared to DOHC (Double Over-Head Cam) but it does have its advantages such as being a lower engine and so can fit in a more low-slung engine bay and it porvides (in this case at least) alot of power for a relatively cheaply enginered engine. With a pushrod operated OHV engine they tend not to rev very high and so to compensate they are bigger in capacity to its equivelent DOHC unit giving it much more torque (for example look at the Bentley Anarge T). Plus to get efficiency out of this engine it can use forced induction such as turbo-charging or super-charging. But as a normally aspirated engine it is powerful enough!!! Especially in 7 litre C5R form!!!!!
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    it means Over Head Valve, you moron.
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    To stop the arguing, OHV does mean over-head valves or valvetrain or sumthin like that. But OHV also includes a over-head camshaft.
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    OHV does NOT include an over-head camshaft! OHC is over-head camshaft. OHV is an engine that is a cam-in-block configuration with regards to V8s.

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