What does "Stradale" mean?

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  1. I notice both Ferrari and Lancia use this name. Possibly alot more than I don't know about as well...what does it mean?
  2. street
  3. It means "street", but as an adjective. In this case, you can interpret it as "for the street" or "road-going".
  4. So basically the ultimate in hardcore for the street? Or like...road going race machine kind of thing?
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    "for the street" or "road-going"? This and many others were made for the "roads shit" as the Lancia Delta S4 (the most rally beautiful car ever made), Audi Quattro (the power on four weels), Renault 5 GT Turbo (little... but powerless), Peugout 205 (Power and speed)..:
    For the "stradale"........... the most Lancia�s beautiful car ever made.
  6. Obviously, if they're appending "for the street" to the model name, it suggests that the original model wasn't intended for the street.
  7. Thanks for clearing things up, your first post didn't really make to much sense to me.
  8. strada=street competizione=competition
    quote from article: "The 037 Stradale was made to homologate its rally version..."
    stradale=for the street in some how; not for competition
    (but for englo-saxons it might sound unusual); its not exactly a sinonime with homologata=(homologate?), but basically it means that its a race/rally car legal made for street driving.

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