What does your workweek look like?

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  1. I own a saas subscription service.

    I try and work 9-5 but I generally get up at 7 and start emailing from my phone and since we service all provinces it can keep me working past 5 too

    depending on the day I could be doing business development , dev work , support , training or right now raising capital.

    work never ends when you own your own business even though its seems like you can just take time off whenever thats not really the case since the more work you put in the more impact to your bottom line.
  2. Gnarly.

    After I shot the Pinnacle Portfolio, I literally did nothing but sleep and edit photos for a few days. I set a desk up in the bedroom and I would edit for about 20 hours, fall into bed, wake up and go directly back to that desk. Eating at the desk while I processed stuff. Shooting million dollar supercars isn't always glamorous.
  3. already built
    now just wishing i was unionised like every other department
  4. I'm a student with classes in the evening, so I work part time in the morning.

    Lately my schedule has been
    Monday - Saturday, 8AM - 1:30ish

    I don't have a set going home time, mostly just when stuff gets done, or I need to go to class. So I get anywhere from 25-35 hours a week.
  5. I get paid for 40 hours but I work closer to 50 hours. Salary so no OT. Totes Bogus.
  6. What have they got you doing?
  7. cats is stupid

    move on to Sondheim bud

    but seriously, how are you involved?
  8. true but being able to take an occasional week off and just occasionally answer emails/phone calls from your home is a very nice plus
  9. turning people into something else
  10. Local systems/follow spot, onto some circus shit now
  11. Work in HR at a large staffing firm, mostly handling FCRA and criminal background check compliance.

    Wake up 7:45am, get to wok by 8:30am (live about 2 miles from office). Work 8:30am - 5:00pm, 30 min lunch break with coffee/water runs throughout the day. Pretty much sit at 40 a week as bosses do not want to pay overtime. Overtime is sorely need as we are transitioning to a new HRIS system and new background check vendor.
  12. Nice, met a few people over the weekend who making thunderbirds atm. Think they said they are working for pukeko/was a few wines in
  13. I work about 60 hours a week usually from 1pm to anywhere between 12 and 2am, with a 6:30am-6:30pm once or twice a week
  14. Average about 35-38 hours, across 4 days though. Always have 3 three day weekends which is nice.
  15. It's currently 3:43am and I'm working and have been for the last 3+ hours.
  16. Working 7 days of 12 hour shifts, 6pm-6am for a total of 84 hours.
    Then I get 7 days off.

  17. ya its nice to show up whenever and leave when I want to run an errand or whatever, and being able to delegate shit work is probably the best.

    the past two weeks i have been doing speaking engagements and been killing it.

  18. Yeah that's been going on for a while. Suckers. The Canadian wilderness trumps any shitty windowless office.
  19. I'm awaiting mid december when I screw off for 2 months. going to be fantastic
  20. average like 25 - 35 hours a week, usually start around 8am, and finish around 1 or 2.

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