What doesn't suck about where you live?

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  1. Like corks's thread but opposite

    I'll start:


    -Heating and insulation of buildings


    -Relatively clean environment
  2. It's cheap, and 15 mins from where I work.
  3. There is no traffic, houses are cheaper then a new Kia, tons of jobs available, local charity offers free college to anybody that graduates, nearby cities have a selection of race tracks.
  4. 1 hour from the coast, 1 hour from mountains, very laid back city but with all amenities I need, beautiful summers.
  5. Canberra

    Lots of jobs, and highest average wage in Australia, and one of the highest in the world
    2 hours to the snow fields
    2 hours to the coast
    2.5 hours to Sydney
    Summernats car festival.
    Very family friendly
    Too cold for a lot of the creepy insects/spiders/animals that the rest of Australia has, to live here
  6. I live on campus at uni, so it kicks ass socially, and there are plenty of hot chicks around
    Nowhere in Sydney is far from rugged bushland/national parks, and then there are the beaches
    Sydney people are generally down to earth, have a sense of humour, aren't pretentious like Melbournians
    This country knows how to do immigration properly (relatively speaking), and the huge diversity of cultural influences makes social life here incredibly interesting
    Sydney's climate is simply the best ever (mind you I still hate winter, even though it is very mild). Springtime in particular is simply epic.
    The city is gorgeous. And I love how each part of the inner city has a different feel - you walk 5 minutes and your surroundings will be very different.
    We have excellent restaurants and cafes
    For clubs and bars in the city, people really dress up - often its mandatory. You don't see bogans wearing football jerseys.
  7. arizona

    no natural disasters
    grand canyon
  8. Cayman Islands

    -no income tax
    -you know that perfect summer day, when the sun is blasting and its HOT, and you're like, #$%#, this day is awesome. It's pretty much that day everyday here.
    -beach is awesome
    -international population and ex-pat communities are cool
    -people are very friendly and neighbourly. small town feel
    -lots of work for people like me, and they pay well
    -lots of vacation time available in low season
  10. Aren't you like 30? Why do you live on campus?
  11. 27, and I moved here to do my masters, and am strongly considering starting a PhD later this year. Apart from that - the rent is cheap, I love the area I live in, it's convenient, and it's fun as hell.
  12. Lol, my list is similarly short

    In addition I live right next to loads of shops, so grocery shopping is convenient and cheap
  13. -cheap to live
    - 24/7 everything open
    - cars are banned in the city
    - bike culture
    - lots of studentes
    - lots of festivals
    - close to germany
  14. - calm
    - pretty
    - a lot of nature (lakes, forests)
    - cities that matter aren't far away
    - far from germany
  15. West Virginia, Murika

    Cheap as anything to live
    Any naturey activity you could want (sans beach I suppose)
    Mostly irrelevant, don't have to worry about ISIS bombing us anytime soon
    Small, quiet towns, the non-rednecks are generally very friendly
    Weather is mostly fine, the humidity in July/August can get unbearable though.
  16. And you can make moonshine
  17. but autobahn, cheaper fuel, cheaper everything
  18. food's more expensive there in my experience (supermarket I mean, not restaurant) and it's just a waste of everything on my way to poland. Every time I have trouble to get there, it's DB or Lufthansa to blame, I'm so sick and tired of these people.
  19. point taken.

    i don't like how germans invade my city during their holidays though. german cars every#$%#ing where.
  20. haha I can relate, majority of my childhood holidays were on Texel after all
    and let's not get started on how German everything became back when I lived in Vlissingen. Though compared to traditional Zeeuwen, Germans aren't so bad yet <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  21. Both Auckand and Wellington have a great cafe culture. Food is really excellent and abundant. Wellington is so compact and walkable which helps it's tremendous bar scene. Also a gorgeous city.

    Vancouver has such wonderful accessibility to amazing outdoor activities. Day trips to Whistler are great. Coastal but never windy or breezy is great.
  22. bay area, california

    45 min from pacific ocean, san fran
    my city is pretty safe

    expensive housing, only because of its proximity to san fran and silicon valley. my city isnt interesting enough to justify its price
    traffic if you got a commute
    want to move to monterey ca where jobs are harder to find, but housing is about 5% cheaper and its #$%#ing beautiful with a small town feel
  23. Chicago

    -Probably the best looking city in the US
    -Good food everywhere
    -May through September is basically a huge party
    -Really great public trans
    -Nice people
    -Good car scene
    -Good food everywhere
    -Lakefront is the shit and I want a boat now
    -Good food everywhere
  24. (south)London

    lots of shops
    most things are open late
    good p transport
    still quite close to coast
    lots of cool cars/bikes around
  25. -Summers are awesome around here, short but awesome.
    -Night life in Montréal is the best in Canada
    -If you stumble on one of the rare restaurants that the food is bad, you're having a bad day.
    -Best looking women are ALL here. They are every where! There's no place on this planet that got the most beautiful women per capita than Montréal.

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