what ever happened to the Aero SCC....

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  1. I dont even know the full name of the car but it is supposed to have acceleration on par with a Ferrari Enzo. Is it for sale? If it is how much? What engine does it use? Any performance numbers? Its American right? If any one know anything please inform the rest of us.
  2. It is American construction and engine. Hits the quarter in 10.44, 60 in 2.94, and 0-100-0 in 11.6.
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    It is for sale. I think for around 250K-350K. Here is the best info you can get- www.sscautos.com . It will/does out perform an Enzo. Its American. It uses a modified C5-R engine. They are only making around 25 but if its really sucessful they will make more. I think in around 1-4 years they will make a new model. All of my info comes from them. I hope that helps.
  4. An american exotic with class? It is stunning. My all time fave F50 looks so tame compared to this.
  5. It out performs more than the Enzo.
  6. 1 year unlimited mile warranty... kinda skimpy. how many miles can you really drive in a year?
  7. Thanks a lot.
  8. Thanks a lot.
  9. thats a smooth looking car ...and a lot of power from a v8 and I though the S7's output was impressive
  10. Im glad America will be known more for than just "grocery getters"
    with the release of supercars able to match or beat in some cases the best Europe has to offer.

    Americas Top Supercars:

    Dodge Viper SRT-10
    Ford GT
    New Saleen S7
    SCC Aero SC-8T
    Mosler Photon 900

    Supercars In The Making:

    Chrysler ME Four-Twelve
    Chevrolette Corvette C6 Z06
    Possibly a new Shelby
  11. and what one would you buy ..
  12. Fast or not, the S7 looks better.
  13. Too bad this car's not all that famous. It should prove itself in professional races, and make a good following like the S7. Then, people will be drawn to this car.

    Not to mention, it looks like something that a kit car builder would've came up with.

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