What F355 is this based on?

Discussion in '1996 Hamann F355' started by marcusmv3, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Is it based on an F355 GTS, like I think it is? Or is it an F355 F1 or an F355 Berlinetta?<!-- Signature -->
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    I've got no a clue bro...sorry<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd be guessing that it is based on the GTS, as it has the targa top, which to my knowledge was not available on the F1, and the Berlinetta was a coupe only, which is what the name means.<!-- Signature -->
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    This one looks like a GTS, but the question is whether or not you could do all this to a spider, or coupe?<!-- Signature -->
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    It's based on a GTs,'cause of the targa-top!
  6. Well i've seen both cars and I would have to say it's definitely more like the 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider.
  7. If it's just a reprogrammed ECU, then it could be any model of F355. Manufacturers have been known to update and adjust ECU's year-to-year, though, which could foil Hamann's work. Although price is not given, I'm sure it's a useful improvement for not a lot of money.

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