What Ferraris SHOULD look like...

Discussion in '2008 Maserati GranTurismo' started by Radlo, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Wow... Beautiful car.. Modern, pretty conservative but not too conservative and beautiful. Why dont Ferraris look this good anymore?!?!
  2. There's nothing wrong with Ferrari right now.
  3. I love this.
  5. I love maserati and all other italian manufactures, to say it looks better than ferraris is so wrong it can be. There is a reason why my username is Ferrari 4 ever!
  6. Yes me too, italian cars are great.

    But lately ferrari has been building less beautiful cars i think, and many will agree with me on that.

    The prettiest car ferrari has ever made according to me is the 355, also the F50 looks really good.

    The enzo looks cool but a little weird, the F430 is not even as pretty as the 360,
    612 scaglietti is not good looking at all and the 599 dont look very special either.

    Well these are my opinions.
  7. If ferraris would look like this, I wouldn' t buy one. Maserati sucks!
  10. You have proven beyond the shadow of all doubt that you are a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance. You should be banned from this website.
  11. if this is what a ferrari would look like than people would buy the ferrari and not the maserati because of the history. Ferrrari owns the supercar domain
  12. ferrari may own the supercar domain, but would it kill them to make just one car that is a beautiful as this instead of a car that is dominated by f1 technology? i mean, ferraris at one time were known as grand touring cars that were respected because they got you where you were going really fast and in style. now, its not that i don't think they look good (i think that they look great), but the styling is just so overpowered by f1 influence that some ferrari fans like me have kind of been turned of by there recent styling. i understand that all thair styling is for areodynamical purposes, but they need to build at least one car that does'nt enphasize on being the fastest but that provides the greatest driving experience. i would choose this over say an f430 or a 599 any day even though its slower than the two. this is just my opinion here guys.
  13. This is a Ferrari. You're all stoopid!

    This is Ferrari's luxury 2+2, a scaled down 612.

    Ferrari bodies are made for speed, Maserati bodies are made for luxury.
  14. I like this car.
  15. Over a 599 or 430??? You are out of your mind!

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