What have I missed?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Still in school. Life goes. SCN is pretty slow, though there's a few good people left. None of the high drama of the old days, but some still gets stirred up from time to time, I guess.
  2. BR and I had a kid, got married and moved to Chicago so I could go back to school.
  3. Im starting to believe this is all a hoax

    But yea, phano, you should be a part of this.
  4. I've been shockingly busy this winter. that and my winter time off was screwed over by not being able to move the car.
  5. Hi Phano you smarmy self assured f*ck. How are you? Are you still driving a Subaru and dictating to everyone you meet that a Chevrolet Suburban is the best SUV known to man and meets everyone's needs perfectly? I was just wondering where you were the other day.
  6. But some things remain constant. Namely that Burner is unintentionally hilarious.
  7. Wish. moved to LA for work, so that dream unfortunately got crushed for now. Got a kart a while back, blew the motor, need to fix it now.

  8. I remember wanting to have him named Rambo Rambo or megatron. Congtars though!
  9. Be a part of lemons
  10. I want to do Lemons! I am clueless and could only cheer you guys on, but it still sound like fun.
  11. I'm sure everyone is perfectly fine with that. the more the merrier.

    I know I have to get my ass in gear soonish to get this car going. there was talk of a car in California but I don't know whats happening with that. maybe if Phano is in he can get RLQ and a bunch of other folk together to put a car together.

    also if that happens we should just form a team and possibly attempt to compete in more events then the 1 we have planned
  12. At least MooTron never tried to suggest it was serious
  13. I think Road America is still in the works, definitely brings back good memories

    on an unrelated note, when asher is old enough to go camping, we should do that again.
  14. i remembaaaaah
  15. that it is.
  16. Yes! Only a couple years until he's ready.
  17. he's ready now
  18. Am I ready? I don't even have a Land Rover yet.
  19. I did this too.

    Where in LA are you?
  20. Jew rocket?

  21. Hot pocket, dick sprocket, veal deposit, wallet vomit. Hi wheelbro
  22. Wheelbro?

  23. When are you doing the LeMons and where?

    Cans I drive car?
  24. Wheelgent? I beggeth your pardons.
  25. Beg pardon?


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