What I want from Saab

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Z06nutSS405, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. Yes. Very tasteful.
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  4. OH MY GOD!!!!!
  5. Wow thats surprisingly hot!
  6. Current 9-3 looks better than that. What is it supposed to be? (new 9-5?)
  7. Thats an airbrush chop. Its supposed to be a 9-3 sport coupe
  8. I never even noticed it was a 2-door! My eye was drawn to all the Pontiac-esq ricyness. I knew there was something very un-Saab about it. Saab coupe = 3-door hatch!!!!

    Much more than a coupe (they have the convertable after all) they need a 9-3 wagon like yesterday.
  9. Awesome.
  10. Looks like a GTO with a SAAB grill.
  11. no it doesnt.
  12. Im sorry almighty car god.
  13. That looks awesome
  14. Well, not quite that, but something pretty damned racy. Not RWD, though. SAAB is traditionally FWD, but I think AWD would do. Somthing to compete with the WRX but not as hideous. Of course, that won't happen.

    Call it the Sonnett.
  15. Yea AWD would be fine. Maybe a saad rally team would be cool but it would have to be subaru helped and I doubt they would do that.
  16. Yeah to bad under the skin is nothing BUT a WRX
  17. WRX is so "rally!" compared to this
  18. Sorry but that's fugly.
  19. Do people not get why this is called American Cars?
  20. Again another stupid statment from our resident idiot
  21. its just a 2 door, riced out 9-3
  22. Looks like the 04 Mustang Cobra hood.

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