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  1. What if American cars kept on evolving like the way it did in the 50's and 60's, without being held back by the oil crisis, environmental regulations, and economic recessions of the later decades. What would cars coming from Detroit look like? And what would all those One-Off custom cars coming from speed shops in Southern California and Chicago look like?

    American cars made from 1950 to 1970 was all about excess, pushing boundaries in styling and horsepower, with no regards to "European" aspects of car design like efficiency, visibility, and handling. Plus there was all those craze for hot rodding and drag racing.

    If there was no oil crisis, economy stayed healthy, and politicians didn't push hard for efficiency in cars, the cars in America would probably keep on evolving in the same way as it did during the 60's and 70's, with all the craze for styling and horsepower.

    When it comes to production cars, I think the really extravagant designs of the old days would be toned down over the years due to rising costs in making cars, but the horsepower would stay. There will be a lot more cars like the Hellcat and Chevy SS. And brands like Plymouth, Oldsmobile and Pontiac would still be here.

    Speaking of custom cars, Hot Wheels is incredibly popular here in the US among kids and adults, apparently way more popular than Matchbox. If there was no regulations holding back the American car culture, we would probably see many real custom cars that resemble some of those Hot Wheels designs, especially considering Hot Wheels was originated from the hot rodding culture of the 60's. Anyone living here who can remember the old days knows that anything with one or several giant V8s was street legal back then.

    I doubt there would be any significant difference for European and Japanese cars, even if there was no fuel shortage, considering efficiency, compact size, and handling are already major factors in car designs before the oil crisis. And there has never been much love for extreme horsepower or over the top designs.
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