What (in your opinion) is the best muscle car ever built?

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  1. Re: Should Chevy bring the Camaro back?

    a little competition mustangs suck and they are bringin them back both the camaro and the firebird everyone knows that
  2. Re: Should Chevy bring the Camaro back?

    Yes, of course they should bring the Camaro back!
  3. Re: What (in your opinion) is the best muscle car ever built?

    1968 Camaro
  4. Re: svt vs ss

  5. Re: Should Chevy bring the Camaro back?

    Chevrolet definately needs to bring the Camaro back. It would give them an extra boost in sales. Plus they are really fun to drive. Many people look at you in envy too.

    So, YES, Chevrolet needs to bring the Camaro back.
  6. Re: How many seats does this car have?

    True that. No fatties are allowed to come within an arm's length of my SS.
  7. Re: svt vs ss

    Not sure. I'd say the SVT Cobra Mustang would win. Here are the specs. Make your own assumptions.

    The specs for a SVT Cobra Mustang are:


    Type Longitudinally mounted, 90° V-8, cast iron block with aluminum heads, fully counterweighted forged crankshaft
    Bore x stroke 90.2 x 90.0mm
    Displacement: 4,601cc/280cid
    Compression ratio: 8.5:1
    Horsepower: 390 hp @ 6,000 rpm
    Torque: 390 lb.-ft. @ 3,500 rpm
    Specific output : 84.8 horsepower per liter
    Redline: 6,500 rpm (fuel shut-off at 6,500 rpm)
    Valvetrain: Double overhead camshafts, chain drive to exhaust cams, secondary chains from exhaust to intake cams, roller finger followers with hydraulic lash adjustment, oval-wire beehive shaped valve springs, four valves per cylinder
    Intake valves : 2 per cylinder, 37mm head diameter
    Exhaust valves : 2 per cylinder, 30mm head diameter
    Fuel system : Sequential electronic fuel injection
    Ignition system : Distributorless coil-on-plug
    Induction system : Eaton Corporation Generation IV Roots-type supercharger with water-to-air intercooler
    Boost pressure: 8.0 psi maximum
    Intake manifold : Cast aluminum, tuned equal length runners
    Throttle body : 57mm twin bore
    Mass-air sensor : 90mm diameter
    Exhaust manifolds: Cast iron
    Exhaust system: Dual, stainless steel, 2.25-inch diameter; 3.0 inch polished exhaust tips

    Rear axle 8.8-in. ring gear with 3.55:1 limited-slip differential, aluminum case
    Driveshaft Aluminum, with hardened yoke and U-Joints
    Transmission TTC T-56 6-speed manual
    Clutch 11.0-in. single plate
    Half-Shafts 31 spline with increased capacity
    Gear Ratio
    1st 2.66
    2nd 1.78
    3rd 1.30
    4th 1.00
    5th 0.80
    6th 0.63
    Reverse 2.90
    Final drive 3.55

    Front: Modified MacPherson strut system with gas-charged Bilstein™ monotube dampeners and separate 600 lb/in (500 lb/in on convertible) spring on lower arm, 29mm tubular stabilizer bar
    Rear: Multi-link independent system, cast iron upper control arm, aluminum lower control arm, fixed toe-control tie rod, aluminum spindle, gas-charged Bilstein™ monotube shock absorber, 600 lb/in (470 lb/in on convertible) coil spring, 26mm tubular stabilizer bar

    Type Rack-and-pinion, power assist
    Gear Ratio 15.0:1
    Turns, lock-to-lock 2.5
    Turning Diameter 41.7 ft.

    Front: 13.0 in. (330mm) vented Brembo™ disc, PBR™ twin-piston caliper
    Rear: 11.65 in. (296mm) vented disc, single-piston caliper
    ABS: Four-channel, four sensor system

    Wheels: 17 x 9 in., five-spoke cast aluminum-alloy, machined surface, exposed lugs, optional chrome wheel available
    Tires: Goodyear Eagle F1, 275/40ZR-17

    Wheelbase: 101.3 in. (2,573mm)
    Length: 183.5 in. (4,661mm)
    Height: Coupe - 52.5 in. (1,336mm), Convertible - 52.9 in. (1,344mm)
    Width: 73.1 in. (1,857mm)
    Track, f/r : 60.3 in. / 60.3 in. (1,530mm / 1,530mm)
    Head Room, f/r: 38.1 in. / 35.5 in. (968mm / 901mm)
    Leg Room: 41.8 in. / 29.9 in. (1,062mm / 759mm)
    Curb Weight : Coupe - 3,665 lbs. (1,662 kg), Convertible - 3,780 lbs. (1,715 kg)
    Fuel Capacity : 15.7 gallons (59.4 liters)
    Weight Distribution, f/r: 57% / 43%

    Exterior Competition Orange
    Torch Red
    Screaming Yellow
    Redfire Clearcoat Metallic
    Mystichrome (with Appearance Package only)
    Black Clearcoat
    Silver Metallic
    Oxford White Clearcoat
    Convertible Top Unique Black Cloth (with all exterior paint colors)
    Interior Dark Charcoal leather with choice of Dark Charcoal or Medium Graphite
    "Preferred Suede" seating surfaces

    Driver and passenger front airbags (Always wear your safety belt and secure children in the rear seat)
    Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
    Antilock Braking System (ABS)
    SecuriLock passive antitheft system
    Articulated front sport seats (Standard six-way power for driver) with suede and leather seating surfaces; power lumbar support and adjustable bolsters for the driver
    Tilt steering wheel
    MACH 460 electronic AM/FM stereo and in-dash six-disc CD player
    Power Equipment Group: Dual electric remote control mirrors, power side windows, power door locks, power decklid release
    Rear window defroster
    Air conditioning
    Speed control
    Traction control
    Front floor mats
    Dual illuminated visor mirrors
    Remote keyless illuminated entry
    Rear spoiler with LED stop lamp

    Rear decklid spoiler delete
    17" Chrome wheels
    Mystichrome Package Includes unique Mystichrome exterior paint, special Mystichrome leather inserts on seats and steering wheel and 17" Chrome Aluminum Wheels (limited to 1,000 units, Coupe or Convertible)

    The specs on the Camaro SS are


    Curb Weight 3553.9 lbs.
    Weight Distribution 55-45
    Length 193.5"
    Height 51.8"
    Width 74.1"
    Front Headroom 38.7"
    Front Legroom 43"
    Wheelbase 101"
    Wheel Rim Size 16"


    Type 5.7 Liter LS1 Naturally Aspirated Gas
    Drivetrain Front Engine / RWD
    Valvetrain 16-Valve OHV
    Cylinders 8
    Cylinder Configuration V8
    Displacement 5,665 cc
    Horsepower(HP) 325 @ 5200 RPM
    Torque(FT-LBs.) 340 @ 4000 RPM
    Redline 6200 RPM


    Gear Type 6-Speed Manual with OverDrive
    1st Gear Ratio 2.66:1
    2nd Gear 1.78:1
    3rd 1.30:1
    4th 1:1
    5th 0.74:1
    6th 0.5:1
    Final Drive 3.42:1
    Reverse 2.9:1
    Clutch Type Torque Converter


    0-60 mph 5.1 s
    0-100 mph -
    1/4 Mile 13.9 s @ 98 mph
    Top Speed 155 mph
    Gas Mileage 19 mpg city / 28 mpg highway

  8. Re: What (in your opinion) is the best muscle car ever built?

    My favorite muscle car is the 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350.
  9. Re: its not nearly a shadow of its former self

    I do not agree with you on this.

    This car could beat any form of its old self.
  10. Re: F-body

    That clears that up. I was confused about that too.
  11. Re: SLP Camaro SS

    If he would rev it up to 6000, he would have kicked your ass. The guy did not know how to drive it.
  12. Re: I Have this Car but its a 69

    I have a 2002 35th Anniversary Edition SS. It hauls ass and I've kicked many mustangs asses in it.
  13. Re: What (in your opinion) is the best muscle car ever built?

    Dodge Charger, all the way. It might not be the fastest, but its a damn cool car.
  14. Re: What (in your opinion) is the best muscle car ever built?

    The best Musclecar... hmm it's a very opinionated and loaded question, what is your requirement of "Best"??? Best looking would be a 1970 Pontiac GTO/455 Atol blue, and a white top... hmmm ya think I'm patial? your right I owned one, the best performing car would be 1968 Corvette L88, I consider that a sports car though, the most powerful (best) would undoubtedly be the 1967 Ford Cobra. Best handling would be a 1968 Camaro DZ, Z-28 It won so many many titles it's pathetic! And the most unique (Best) would be the 1969 and 1970 Dodge Superbird. Those damn Hemi's were tough. It was so fast, others cried FOUL in the circle track circuit. It was disqualified and discontinued only after those 2 years of being built.

    So in conclusion best is not just one thing. I love them all, but I am a Pontiac person, and GM. but don;t kid yourself there was no "bad" car in the late 60's ealy 70's

    The killer

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