What is Holden

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Dahlis, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. Your opinion doesn't mean a turd in the toilet to me. Shut up.
  2. I never realised that you rate shit so highly.
  3. Your slow and simple mind has missed my point, go set your dads GTO alight, preferrably with yourself in it.
  4. Wait a sec, aren't you one of the goofs who didn't beleive that I had a GTO. Hmmm, it shows how good your sense of judgement is.
  5. People movers were invented for extra seats...
  6. Yes, and you never had a GTO, You even admitted in the end that it was your fathers, so shut up/kill yourself.
  7. Um Not exactly.
  8. "Holden" is aboriginal for 'small penis'
  9. The only thing around here that is small is the so called brain in your head.
  10. The only thing around here that is small is the so-called brain in your head.

    I just thought I’d fix your grammar.
  11. Well i ride in it nearly every day, and every time I look outside into my driveway i see it their sparkling in the sun. I always said it was my dads car.
  12. Mate, you are a tosser.
  13. you might think that, but youre incorrect. the adventra was made off a pretty small R & D budget, and consequently the way the cars "cross-trac" four wheel drive system works is pretty darn smart. if you ever see a technical article, have a squiz at it, cause itll take you a little while to figure out how the hell it actually works.
  14. Yeh that's why the Adventra isn't selling. They cut corners. Sounds interesting, if I see it, ill read it.
  15. what 2 more seats? My ass, the reason people buy 4WDs in sydney is because they have more money than sense (excuse the pun) Most of them are rich or double mortgaged soccer mums who dont get mud on their shoes let alone their tyres.

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