What is it with the F1 cars!!!

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    i could care less about the ozone<!-- Signature -->
  2. Why build F1 cars when companys can find a way to make fuel efficient vehicles? our ozone's goin here, hello!!
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    going where? OZone problems from F1's? I think big rigs are more of a threat.<!-- Signature -->
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    race cars drivers dont run over to the nearest "SHELL" station just before the race to get topped up, they run on a liquid thats almost the equivalent to alchohol, all those cars produce far less polutents than if street cars were there.they do run something like 5 MPG or something, but that gallon of fuel produces far less polutents, so its all good!<!-- Signature -->
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    who cares about the ozone well be dead befor its gone...........

    well at least i hope
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    Um, Steinereeno, F1 cars run on pump unleaded. Not exactly the same as you and I get at our friendly station, but pump unleaded none the less. That's why there's big old fireballs when they blow up. CART runs methanol, and you don't see the fire, only the crew dancing around as they flamelessly burn. And no one cares what the IRL uses.
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    I've often thought about this aswell. If the FIA told F1 teams that they have to have zero emissions cars by 2010, all major car companies would have absolutely increadible hydrogen\electric or whatever engines by then. Car companies don't care about the environment if it doesn't make them rich, this incentive would make everyone rich and happy (except for oil companies, but that's a different argument all together).

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