what is supposed to compete with what??

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  1. What car is supposed to compete with the ,Mustang GT, Mach 1, Saleen, ROush, Cobra, Cobra R

    Like what Camaros, Corvettes, Firebirds, etc... can u match them?
  2. So, what competes with every Mustang ever produced?
  3. Ya, for example does the Z28 compete with the GT?? If so are they really equal in speed and/ or HP....I have a good Idea, but want to have solid information, to know for sure

    SO far in my opinion, this is what I think competes

    Mustang GT v Camaro Z28
    Mustang Mach 1 v Camaro SS
    Cobra vs Camaro SS and reg. Corvette
    Cobra R vs Z06 (even though cobra R is strictly racing)

    Also I get lost in the Mach 1 Cobra part because Mach 1 is slower than SS and Cobra is faster, So Im confused the most there.....

    Also the Roush and Saleen, I dont think compare with any of those

    Another thing is the Camaro with the Z06 engine, then u have the Firebird Trans am, Firehawk Ws6

    then SLP

    and all this stuff, making me very confused with what competes with what!?!?!?!?!!

  4. IM very tired , I am , Goodnight!, But someone help me out with this, is there a chart or anything??
  5. Z28 competes with the GT, SS competes with the Cobra. As for tuner cars, who cares?
  6. competed, past tense.
  7. Ok I gotta sleepp!!!! But what about cobra R?? Mach 1?? and ALL the Firebirds?????????
  8. check the indies, im pretty sure theyll have it, but you have to sift through alot of bull
  9. Chevy Suburban dominates them like woah.
  10. since when has there ever been an LS6 in a camaro. i've never heard of it. i now GM sells a kit to put one in.
  11. Firebirds are rebodied Camaros.
  12. last I checked there were still a couple Fords left running to compete
  13. i think he means camaros (because they're no longer produced) but i think they'er still more than a match for the newer stangs.
  14. You could order a ZL-1 in 2002 with an LS-6. It cam in the 350 version and a 427 version. Very few were made and the phase 3 package gave you 600hp!
  15. A 2005 GTO would compete with the Cobra R. The 2005 GTO has 400 hp, the Cobra R has 380. And you're wrong about the Cobra R being strictly for racing. 300 were built for the public.

  16. I think he means its a factory race car in the same sense as the new STi.
  17. I dunno, I think its a special order, Its a Camaro SS, but with a 400 or 405 Hp engine and has teh Z06 rims I believe.
  18. Ya thats the one!
  19. Z28 VS GT (VS Trans AM & Formula)
    SS VS Cobra (VS Trans AM WS6)Possibly the base Corvette, but only in sales.
    Cobra R VS Z06

    Saleen and Roush are tuner cars and dont count.
  20. You guys are silly

    Z28 v. formula v. gt I believe forumla wins
    ss v. trans am v. cobra cobra is a little out of the price range
    cobra r v. z06
    the camaro ss will beat a 2003 supercharged saleen, i saw it first hand
  21. Z28 will beat a formula it has 10 more hp, 305 to 315, but formula is a great sleeper. U are right SS can beat an S281.

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