what is that lulz

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  1. many post in this area has lulz. dictionary does not has that lulz. what is that lulz meaning contain.
  2. it's the sounds the girl in ur avatar makes when I pee in her bum'

  3. lulz be stand for laugh under little zebra ^^
  4. lulz be stand for laugh under little zebra ^^
  5. its a form of kidney trasnsplant used in the 7th century
  6. Gentlemen,

    Let this be known to all that 'kaori super' is lizardmech.
  7. you possesses the sickness of the heart where you perhaps rape the chickens. go murder your yourself fool. typical american.
  8. Who shall believe my verse in time to come?


    As i sit in my garden in my holiday home in Salzburg drinking tea, i am drawn to take a look back at my sucesses and achomplishments. Unlike my younger days i no longer yearn to drive my dashing ferrari's through the Monaco countryside, or my speedboats.

    No, but lately i have been more drawn toward art and the splendid beauty of nature.

    Achieving sucess on such a massive scale was not easy. Today i control the vast majority of the world's steel production, it is my steel that is used by the world's best automakers. Gold bullions sales around the world are also my business, as is diamonds, import/export of raw materials.

    But as i stand in my garden with my cup of tea, and with the wind in my face, i cannot help but think, who shall believe my verse in time to come.
  9. Gentlemen,

    The breathing is incidental, the rest is just an illusion. Flowers blossom only to wither away. Time is a magacian, it casts it smell, when tempered even iron melts.

    Oh my beautyful love the lady of my desires, Goodness you torment me to no end. All my desire now is for the earth to meet the sky. To keep myself alive, i have died a 1,00 deaths, the poison of death i drank with smile.

    Nothing ammuses me without you, oh captivating lass, look at my obsession. I wonder why your enterance has set my heart on fire, can someone tell me.
  10. The esoteric is the cachet of the connosieur.


    As i stand before you today, i stand as a highly achomplished man. I bank in the Switzerland and the Cayaman Islands. I driving my dashing ferrari's in the South of France. I sail the high seas aboard my yacht's in the mediterian. I am a man of high finance, and i am also a wine connosieur.

    I am also a man who is very particular about what i drink and where.

    When i Monaco i prefer vintage wines such as 1945 Mouton-Rothschild, 1947 Cheval Blanc or perhaps the 1951 Penfolds Grange.

    When im in Salzburg i prefer to indulge in cognac. Ofcourse what better way to spend an evening that sitting in my lush gardens and listening to the music in the air and winds of Salzburg, with a bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin.

    When i Geneva conducting business and matters releated to billions i prefer the very elusive and limited edition Richard Hennessy.

    There are no judgements in St. Tropez.
  11. Gentlemen,

    I am a posh Aristocrat from the Midlands, and i indulge in many captivating passion such as sailing the high seas, driving my ferrari's through the south of france where i maintain a lavish villa, playing Polo, and ofcourse as a proper Aristocrat i always enjoy a good hunt.

    I am a man who always dresses in a manner befitting my standing in society. I prefer Savile Row tailoring, Anderson & Sheppard, Gieves & Hawkes, and ofcourse i have other personal tailors in Naples where the ancient art of the tailor is still very much alive to this day.

    I am also a man of much knowledge and wisdom, which i've used to become a very sucessful businessman, the high and mighty often consult me on a wide range of subjects relating to stocks, commodties prices, high finance and other matters relating to financial competence.

    If i wish to relax for a few days, to be away from the stress of my business empire i often fly to my holiday home in Salzburg, it is here that i find peace and calm, basking in Mozart brilliance, listening to his voice which one could still here even today in the air, while sipping tea in my lush garden with my lady friends.

    My nose is high in the air.
  12. Whatever, she's hot. Don't act like you wouldn't put it in her bum.

  13. The driving passion of a Ferrari.

    MclarenF1, Dauer Porsche and the Bugatti Veyron are perhaps the most impressive cars ever made. But they lack something. They lack the history, the passion, the allure, and the charm of a V12 powered Ferrari. But now the question becomes where can this passion be best relaized?

    - On the muddy roads of Australia?

    -On the Flawless German Autobahn?

    -On the breathtaking Autostrada?

    -On the crime filled motorways of America?

    -On the often broken motorways of the UK?

    The answer is none of the above. Because the driving passion of a ferrari could only be realized on narrow winding roads, where one does not use hard braking into sharp corners but rather shift down, where the gems of automobile perfection sing with the winds, captivating the heart of it's driver for a 1,000 years.
  15. Definitions is of the laughings out louds, in subhumans internets dialects, but.
  16. kaori super lulz
  17. *lulzing*

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