What is the fastest R33 verion Skyline?

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    EvilNinjaMoby, no one cares about US emissions and other bullcrap.
    how bout bringing a vette or viper to Japan? it costs far more than 90,000 USD. try to see things from both sides and then type up your dumb comments u stupid fcuk.
    who the #$%# cares about US emissions. #$%#ing americans think they're above everyone else. so now others have to obey US emissions laws and pass the US emissions laws in order to do a 1/4 mile run? STFU and go drive your pinto.
    bring your viper venom TT to japan. it'll be eaten. ooo. i can make 800hp out of my huge block. who the #$%# cares. the Veilside Skyline GT-R R34 makes 1350hp with its RB26DETT. the top secret supra using a 4 banger makes over 750hp. why the #$%# would the japanese care about the US emissions laws anyway, there's no point of bringing their cars over there. there's no competition anyway.
    US emissions this US emissions that, everytime a japanese car has a better 1/4 mile time than a venom viper TT, dumb #$%#ing americans bring up this subject. just STFU and drive your 16 cylinder cadillac.
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    The fastest R33 Skyline will be the privatly owned(and paid for) GTR-700. Go to www.exvitermini.com (the site has been down few days)
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    I would happily race your 1500hp super street POS (how the hel do they pass emissions)in my impreza, im not gonna race u down a quarter mile though, round a proper track like Laguna Seca or Lime Rock, ive beaten cars like that in the uk.In a skyline you would have no hope. Try a Mine's R34 skyline, has been called the ultimate by reviewers.
    the true test of a car is its all round ability not just being able to go down a drag strip quickly, thats also something these skylines can still do, corner at 1g.
    how come all tests i see in america they do a slalom, 0-60 0-100 and a quarter, over here in the UK we do all that and 0-100-0 and standing miles id like to see a lot of your tuned cars go down a standing mile just to see the speed, if they can last that long of course.
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    he said one mile. no matter how tuned up you make it, it's still hard to make one tank of gas last less than a mile. and skidpads arent everything... the focus in america does seem to be (like it or not) straight-line, drag-strip-type speed.
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    shut the hell up!
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    if your talking about the alms competition where the vettes reign supreme in teh gts competition. i'm pretty sure there's only like 3 550 maranellos that are being run in the competiton. those are little more than factory cars. they're pretty much off the shelf racers. most of ferrari's funding goes into their f1 racing program, and it shows. the vette c5r is a great car and yes vettes can handle good, but impreza has a point. he made the point by saying his impreza could beat the so called 1500 hp car, not a stock corvette. there are a lotta cars that oculd beat a drag queen with 1500 hp on a track, since they handle so shitty (regardless make model all drag queens have bad handling). anyways. imprezas aren't very happy around tracks, since they're more purpose built rally cars (figure in the mechanical differentials, short gearing, and simple macpherson strut suspension design.). in any case he said the mine's r34 skyline could corner over 1g and his is very much plausible.
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    yes....i downloaded the video on kazaa and it is amazinggggg
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    No the fastest skyline that is an R33 is the GTR 700. It was built by Ex Viter Mini. ( www.exvitermini.com) It is the 3rd fasted AWD in the world. It runs the 1/4 mile in 8.2 seconds and has a little over 1500 WHP. The car is still street legal(in Australia) but is no longer street driven.
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    veilside are know to build all sort of parts for cars(turbos intercoolers, camshafts, blah blah blah)
    also veilside do have the fastest street skyline and supra
    and the skyline is one second faster than the supra
  10. i would eat this car with a ferrari, plus the ferrari would have a way nicer interior
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    i saw the fastest skyline is an R-34 it has 1600 hp and ir run 250 mph, go on to www.streetfire.net and look for skyline there is a video of a white skyline

    and there is anotherone that run 1/4 mile 8.something it run 184 mph
    and anohter that run 1/4 mile on 7 something

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