What is the supernatural engine????

Discussion in '2001 Callaway C12-R' started by lurbo, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. quit putting down this car when youve never seen it or been in it it is a really nice car to tell you the truth my uncles boss owns one of these cars
  2. You think anyone can improve the handling? Are you serious? Have you done any research on this car? The C12 on Pirelli P zeros turns in 1.4g on the skidpad. 1.4! That makes it one of the highest street legal cars on street tires ever. That is just the C12! The C12R is an LM car. I doubt that anyone could do much more with the handling or supension on this car. I personally respect the C12 and C12R a great deal.
  3. Yeah, because we here only know how to make a OHV V-8 since the mid-1950s. But your right again, man seeings how "you guys" have the required know-how, (and I use the term "you guys" loosely, too okay!?) any ways tell me why it took Europe something like 20 years to finally have V8s making the same power as,....OH,....I don't know...., the Viper, the CTS-V and the Corvette Z06 and ZR1 make?!? While we are on the subject, since when can you make a 5.7-7.0L OHV V8 make from 350-628bhp from the factory, too?!?!

    Oh, thank you so much for your colourful innuendo on being so biased on this subject, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MFC!!!
  4. OOOOO......, SOOOO SPOOKY!!!!!...your right, ex-accept for one thing and its that, this has raced successfully in LeMans and in GT-1, oh and also EuroLeMans, as well. Nice, rebadging for us Yanker/wanker market, good call, MFC.
  5. a lot of noobs are talking about how this car's power is poop as for 7L V8...it's a race car and it's restricted, otherwise it would easily produce +500HP

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