What is the top-end power for this thing?

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  1. I know Supras can go to 900+, but what can these go to?
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    the skies the limit depending on how much money you want to sink into it. i think steve millen's race car has around 750 or so, but there is that jap guy who drag races one and i have no idea how much HP he has in it. runs 7's so it has to be pretty powerful.
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    well ive driven in one that was at around 700 HP so they can get up there.. i believe the sky is the limit for every car. you can allways do something else that will raise it more..
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    Im thinking of putting new turbos in my 1990 and i was wondering how high i can go with the PSI without having to change anything in the engine
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    depends on which turbos you want. max PSI for stock turbos is about 18 with aquamist. otherwise 16 is about the safest you can go without going to larger injectors. but if you get turbos that are larger you will need new injectors anyways, as well as a chip, very good clutch, ect.... i can run 18 for a short period of time with timing set at 13degrees. other than that i run 16 on stock internals and turbos with a B/C. you can also use boost jets if you don't have a B/C but beware of detonation.
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    the stock engine block will hold about 700 or so horsepower. Youd need forged pistons and rods if you wanted to run that high with any amount of reliability though.
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    You know, today i heard at my work that there is a 300ZX that is like up to 1200 HP. Now that #$%#en popped my eyes wide open. I was asking the dude which car to get, 300ZX or 3000GT by Mistubishi. Now let me ask this same Q to ppl who is readin this post. What you all think? The dude without a Q. said 300ZX, cuz u can get a twin turbo and its lighter than 3000GT. n a whole lot more, but let me hear what you all have to say. Please, i need to know. Thanx.

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    Go drive both of them and tell us what you think. Both are about equally fast, the VR4 has AWD which saps a lot of power after 40MPH but help a lot with hard launches. The 300zx is smaller and classier IMO, but than again I am bias towards the 300zx. I test drove both before i bought my car and I liked the Z hands down no questions asked.
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    Ight another Question, which bodykit u suggest for a 300ZX? I thought about Shogun Erebuni, but then the Veilside is nice too. anyone knows anything that might look better? ANy site that u might know with bodykits n showing a gallery of pics? If anyone knows, thanx.

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    stillen SMZ or GTZ kit. Nothing that spoils the cars underlying elegance.
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    I said it once and I'll say it again :D

    The world land speed record for a front engine rear wheel drive car is held by a 1991 Nissan 300ZX which procuded over 1,000PS which is over 1,100hp. Mad init <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    1990Nissan300ZX : If you are talking about a NA to Turbo Conversion, I believe its cheaper to sell the NA and buy a turbo. Reading information on TwinTurbo.net the pistons should be changed and in the long run it costs the same as selling the NA and getting a TT.
    On a stock Nissan 300ZX the turbo is restricted to 9PSI compaire that to the Supra and the GTO/3000GT which run at 12PSI. Nissan had to put it so low to comply with the power output laws. They are easy to mod, decat the pipes, sports exhaust, induction kit and chip the ECU and you will be pushing very close the 400BHP, more if you want to push your turbos over the limit. I also belive that the Automatic has T25 turbos and the Manual has T28. Well they do in the UK anyway.

    Xiro: What type of car you after? The 3000GT is a nice car, all cars in this class are nice. The 4WD system will make you lose a lot of power. I was reading some Dynos of Skylines and at stock they only produce 200ish BHP at the wheels which really shocked me, same with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO's. One tuned Skyline lost over 200bhp in the drive train. I also hear that the 3000GT can not be chipped. I doubted this at first but I have heard from many different sources that this is the case so it must be true.
    As for body kits, I'm not too up on them. But we have a good choice of kits on the rides on the UK 300zx site. www.300zx.co.uk site.
    Here are a few which I think look good.

    This car produces over 600bhp I belive. Pitty the person cant focus a camera. LOL

    Wide Arch kit.

    Round rear light conversion. Best rear conversion I have seen.

    Rounded front nose. Sorry dont know the propper names.


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