What is this car???

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  1. NSU Ro 80
  2. Thanks..:)
  3. ok its Toyota EX-7 '72
  4. Dodge Veyron

  5. ...and this???


  6. ...and some more...

  7. Hino samurai

  8. 1969 Ikenga Sports Car

  9. basman plz again post your avatar - ble and black bugatti eb110 ss

  10. DeMacross GT1
  11. Too bad about the rear of that cars because the rest looks great.
  12. can someone help me with these?
  13. I got the first one, Ultima MK3 McLaren Edward Prototype, but what's the second?
  14. there's a nsu ro 80 parked down the street here. nice car.
  15. Is this car Marmon??
  16. Yes
  17. Looks like 1910 model..but the front doors is different...please you help me if you know the model
  18. Looks like the 1910 model but the front doors is different...
    Please if you know the model you help me.

  19. Please help me identify this cars...

    Any ideas?

  20. the white one might be an Opel GT.
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