What is this government shut down

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  1. Is it a joke? It's not even April.

    Can someone explain this?
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    "Due to disagreement regarding inclusion of language defunding or delaying the Affordable Care Act,[14] the Government has not passed a funding bill. The House continues to offer bills to fund important, non-contested agencies, but the Senate, controlled by Harry Reid, has not considered them[15]. The shutdown is currently in progress."

  3. It's something the Legistlative Branch does when one of the parties gets especially butthurt about something the other party has done. It sucks for a lot of people but you'd be hard-pressed to notice in your average daily routine. The postal service stills runs, the military is (mostly) funded, etc. It's not like martial law breaks out or something. The NSA will still touch your junk in the airport if you have the audacity to try and board the plane with your dignity intact.

    It's a dick move to pull, but it's not the end of the world for most people.
  4. The TSA touches your dick at the airport. The NSA watches you look at other people's dicks on the Internet.

    Both are still funded.
  5. A dick for every government initialism!
  6. Not the end of the world? Tell that to the civil servants who dont get paid and still have bills to pay.
  7. at least our elected officials are still receiving pay and have free government-provided healthcare.
  8. There are actually quite a number of services that are allowing billpayers to defer payments while the governments defers their paychecks.

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