What is this?

Discussion in '1998 Emme Lotus 422T' started by IdoL, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. And what is it doing on SC?
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    Read the stats

    This car = quick
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    Tis a car.
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    hmm the headlights of an Acura Integra, with the grille of a Lincoln..this is a Lotus?
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    It has the same engine as a mid-90's lotus esprit.
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    its a car with typical lotus stats which makes it a supercar even if it dont have a 10 litre v20.
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    I'm brazilian and can teach some facts of this brazilian supercar.
    It is based on Chevy Omega plataform uses a Lotus turbo engine.
    the name Emme Lotus because Emme is the company and Lotus because it uses Lotus technologies...

    I'm brazilian and proud of country made this car...
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    its ok
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    I'm not sure where this came from, but looking at the engine its a Lotus, notice the symbol on it
  10. IT'S NOT A LOTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't you simpletons comprehend that?!?!?!

    The brand is Emme!

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