What is your auto's idle speed

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Reichsfuhrer, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Simple.

    700 for me
  2. I hate not being able to make a poll
  3. i think it's around 600

    2001 hyundai accent
  4. it's either 400 or 600 I think. I'll let Innotech answer for me.
  5. I have to v3pwn myself in order to make this thread appear by making a thread right after, damn sc.net
  6. If you mean auto as in automobile then 600rpm - 1992 Corolla GTi.

    If you mean auto as in automatic, I don't have one - they're an inferior transmission.
  8. I'll remember to check next time
  9. It's 600 I'm sure. 400 is awfully low for anything.
  10. I think like 800ish
  11. Around 500-600
  12. I have to change my idle it got #$%#ed and idles at like 1000-1100.
  13. The Focus is like 700? And the Miata idles all funky at a bunch of different revs.
  14. The RB25det idles at about 900.
  15. I can't remember, but the average engine RPM is around 550.
  16. i don't have a rev counter, so i don't know, but i think it's something like, 800?
  17. 5900 idle

    Vtec, y0!

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