What is your gender distribution at work

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  2. It's a shame there are so few male teachers
  3. Indeed, their sexists
  4. 69.9% male according to that chart

    62.5% IRL at my work
  5. Something like 65% male from memory.
    VFX house.
  6. all of my coworkers are white men + two women
  7. no wonder you have so much white guilt
  8. Horrible list to browse. I work alone at home, though, so...
  9. dispatchers. 44% male. Its almost an even split right now at work so thats pretty true.
  10. can't be bothered to browse, but i assume 50/50 with my normal job. i run my company with another dude, so 100% lol
  11. At my workplace, it's around 50-50. In my line of work, probably more like 65% males.
  12. I'll put it this way: I've seen less than half a dozen females at a jobsite in three years.
  13. Well theres 5 of us, 3 dudes and 2 chicks.
    I work at a Math Learning center.
  14. im my own boss so 100% 8 inch cock
  15. 98.4% male apparently
  16. Software development, 1 out of 15 are female, or about 93% male. If you include the graphics design group, 2 out of 21, about 90%. If you include a clutch of folks on the project management team, 3 out of 25, or about 88%. Include our web marketing group, 5 out of 30, or about 83%.
  17. This.
  18. Woah, not too many woman true sports car mechanics huh?
  19. Only one I know is Angelina Jolie in gone in 60 secs
  20. In my group we're 15 guys and 5 women.
  21. apparently so.
  22. Ditto, but in my experience this number drops dramatically for graduate educated ones. (to like, 70-80%)
  23. 95.6
    100% where i work

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