What is your gender distribution at work

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by xDRAN0x, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. all ive gathered from this thread is women dont work
  2. ya who would have thought you guys suck so much with women you can't even work with them ..

  3. I work with 4 female engineers and I live with one. All have several degrees - unlike me.
  4. you'll be the stay at home dad
  5. I'm so down
  6. I didn't want to be mean sorry if you're sad
  7. He means he's ok (down) with being a stay at home dad
  8. 92.8, but 82.3 on the chart (drafters). One of our two though is 3/4 worthless so really like 95.9
  9. Tiling - 98.5% male
  10. 70% male 30% female
  11. 0% exist
  12. thing is, when you have like 99% of men the 1% of women is ugly or avertage, you instinctively lower your standards over time

    its pretty #$%#ing sad
  13. haha true
  14. this.

    I'd be so good at it.
  15. The local salary survey is saying the gender gap is closer to like, 70/30 in Alberta. But hey!
  16. Shut the #$%# up, you don't even work and know nothing
  17. I know that you are not real. I posted a picture from when I was parked out the front of your supposed work place a few years ago, you didn't recognise it.

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