What is your ideal work vehicle...?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Silencer, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Being an assasin, I have journeyed with my accomplice, who is right now the chief driver, across many foreign lands where someone of regular stature would never imagine to be found. In doing so, I have driven quite a few vehicles donated to me by my hirers. I currently favor the BMW M series as a vehicle of choice. I usually request an M3 if I will be driving thru areas like the tight corners of Prague or crowded streets of Tokyo. I request an M5 on most other occasions (the trunk space is perfect for my Walth sniper rifle case).

    Working in more common profesions, what would be the ideal vehicle one would have in one's profesion?
  2. I love how all these trolls trying to appear clever and intelligent consistently spell basic words wrong.
  3. This is so #$%#ing stupid. I bet $20 that this is Pootin.
  4. That was my guess too, especially because of the spelling.
  5. Check IPs or do some funky shit. Understand.
  6. my ideal work vehicle would be a half tiger half eagle wearing armor.
  7. lol
    first thing to make me laugh this night
  8. That would be pretty sweet.
  9. Mods can't see IP's anymore.
  10. well, I am part student, part programmer so I don't really need a vehicle for my line of work.
  11. shit, just get a Dinorider.
  12. prolly putin trying to pull another I AM RICH

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