What kind of old man do you hope to become?

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What kind of old man do you hope to become?

  1. Wearing velcro sneakers, not giving a ****.

  2. Wearing wingtips, shaking your head at "punks".

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  1. Not going to talk about the potential of what kind of old woman you hope to become because this is Supercars.net.
  2. The "skateboarding at 80" option isn't there, so I picked velcro sneakers

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  4. I haven't had velcro since I was 6 o 7 years old or so, might as well again as old guy
  5. I won't give a damn and drink scotch while telling everyone else "it used to be better in my time" so I can falsly comfort myself while waiting for my immiment and lonely death
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  6. I'll be like this guy

  7. Truly though, I hope I'll still be a kickass uncle to visit when my nieces and nephews are well in their 40s
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. that's just nasty
  10. One of the best examples about living life hard until the end though. Lived life so hard he didn't even notice he had a terminal stage of cancer.
  11. Who is he?
  12. Lead singer of Motorhead

    If there was somebody that lived the rock star lifestyle it was that dude
  13. Or this guy


  14. this dude
  15. Right. He looks like a douchebag.
  16. I always imagined I'd live to 98 and die bitter and all alone.
  17. This will probably be me. Crazy-Funny-Old-Man-01-www.FunnyPica.com_.jpg
  18. a younger version of myself
  19. An old bigot? Seems about right. :cool:
  20. If only I could come up with the jokes he does.
  21. Hoping for coolness, know I'm going to be really bitter. I'm already bitter.
  22. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that i have Moroccan blood. The good part is that it's on my bumper.
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