What kind of Supercar interests you most?

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  1. Just curious to see what particular subdivisions of the most high performing cars on the planet people here are most interested in. Whether it be the cars in the category that excite you in particular, or that particular area of automotive style/endeavor that fascinates you. Obviously these categories aren't clear cut (and my examples therefore are only meant to reflect a general idea) and most of us are interested in more than one (or all of them).

    Noveau Rich Necessities - What most people think of when they think of Supercars. Looks are gorgeous, and just as important in the design process as the performance. Usually nothing record setting in the performance department, but are typified by being well rounded packages capable of putting up on the track if need be. Even if the car is never tracked, it fulfills its purpose by looking and sounding good enough to turn heads, and are well enjoyed bending the laws on public roads. Examples: LP-640, Zonda F, CCX, S7

    Barely Legal - Form over function. Not meant to look good, only to go fast. Loud. Insane. Make children cry. You can drive them around town, but you'll probably need earplugs to keep your hearing, and a chiropractor visit to recuperate. Examples: Gumpert Apollo, Mosler MT900, GT2 RS, TVRs, Marcos

    Jailbait - Road legal by a miracle (translating to somehow overlooked loopholes). Meant for track attack. Examples: Radical, Donkervoort, Caterham, Caparo

    GTs - Things you could actually take a roadtrip (disregarding luggage in most cases) in if you so desired. Your mom could probably drive it around and not kill herself or harm the car. H/o, if you know what you're doing, there is a great deal of performance on tap. Examples: 599, Gallardo, F-430, Veyron (falls in a few categories)

    Killer Kits - Affordable, often frighteningly fast, surprisingly often of high quality. Meant for the speed nut on a budget. Can generally be made to beat damn near anything in most performance metrics if enough money is shelled out on a monstrous (frequently twin turbocharged) V8. Examples: Early Nobles, Ultima, Factory Five products, etc.

    Performance Standard Setters - Cars that usually achieve or match(mostly deliberately, sometimes not) milestones in acceleration, top speed, and lap times. Balls to the wall performance at any cost. Examples: McLaren F1, the extreme Seggs, SSC gen 1 and 2 (almost certainly), Veyron and Veyron SS

    Oldschool/Classy - Focus on a particular kind of look, image, style, and driving experience meant to hearken back to and preserve older (and generally awesome) motoring traditions. Examples: Weismann, Morgan

    Tuner Transformed - Stuff that has been so markedly re-engineered (in chassis, engine, looks, or some combination there-of) that comparing it to the donor car is rather silly. Rare, fast, and generally german. Ex: Ruf, 9ff and edo competition products

    Vaporware - Stuff that has never and likely never will get off paper, characterized by wild claims, disappearance off the face of the earth/internet, and possibly a shoddily constructed prototype. Examples: Vector, Dimora, Dagger GT, and countless others

    Innotech Spec - Stuff you've probably never heard of, or if you have, you've since forgotten about it. Might be from a random country, might be an insane one-off, might have a production run in the single digits, might have simply appeared out of nowhere. Examples: TVR Cerbera Speed 12, Lotec Sirius and C1000, Monteverdi Hai 650 F1, Dauer 962 LM, Lister Storm, Cizeta Morodor, and all the things that fill the dreams of Innotech, Metalhead777, and bill rizopolous.
  2. tooo many letters too read for my liking.

    So I'll say Honda F40 or Ferrari S2000.
  3. Barely legal and killer kits, personally. Into much more purist/hardcore stuff now. That being said, I still like most things, especially the more manly 'necessity' cars like the ACR.

    voted kits because im prolly gonna be building one soonish.
  4. I'm only interested in track focused supercars. I guess that means Performance Standard Setters / Barely Legal.
  5. ones that arent crap
  6. sorry maxi, I was up all night on speed, and got bored between assignments <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. ASSignements


    that's all I read
  8. Gt's, definitely
  9. Where do the ones you can use everyday go? 911T, NSX, R8, etc etc (I guess you could say these are more 'sports cars'
  10. funny thing is, youve never been on track.

  11. I like those weird and ultra rare cars almost as much as innotech.
  12. Kinda don't care about supercars to be honest
  13. Same for me with the ones built after 1999.
  15. Killer Kits. Anything that's a proper driver's car, really.

    gayted shifter, etc.
  16. HEHE barely legal.
  17. oh, but I have. I will probably do it more often when I get my car done.
  18. Ohhh I get it now HEHE
  19. I kind of like the DeMacross GT1 and Saker Sniper lately.
  20. same, except for the Zondas and occasionally the new Ferrari.
  21. Weirdo.

    RCR Superlite
  22. DeMacross' styling is kind of a reminiscent of those rare prototypes built 15 to 20 years ago.
  23. I don't get these stupid categories. I like the upper GT Class i guess, like 599, Murcielago, 550, Diablo, Countach, 512, etc. But recently I also started loving the starter level Sports Exotics like the 355, 430, 458, Gallardo, 911 Turbo, etc. I used to think they were too mainstream but I think you can have way more fun in a smaller, cheaper car, one that specifically isn't gonna be that collectable. If I had an SV or something, I'd probably be way too worried to even sit in it.

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