What kinda ugly ass ****???

Discussion in '2009 Bertone Mantide' started by THEBEAST101, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. This car is atrociously hideous... wtf where they thinking when they made this...
  2. wtf where they thinking when they made this...
    wtf where they thinking when
    wtf where they thinking
    wtf where they
    wtf where


  3. ooppppssss.....lol
  4. I like it, especially the front end.
  5. What refreshing design. I'm digging it. A lot!
  7. What a horrible car!!!
  8. ugh, what a horrible post.
  9. Probably uglier than dare I say or am I pushing the boat, BMW X6!
  10. can anyone else say "Do over?" This looks like the two-faced bastard child of a '09 Mitzubishi Evo, a ZR1, and the original batmobile after a three-way. Sounds like the designers at Bertone were driving the struggle bus when they designed this "thing".
  11. i love every freaking millimeter of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shit what a wicked car.

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