What Mods have you done to your car?

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by Ferrarista01, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Just interested to see if sc.net is into the modding scene
  2. Injen IS1200 intake, DC Sports Carbon strut bar, Tein S-Tech springs
  3. i have a 96 grand am- k&n system, turbo, dual exhaust, race stripes, 17's with low pro toyos, underbody neon, custom interier& sound system and lot more
  4. I havent really done much but i've got things in the piple line.

    So far

    Cusco Front Strut Bar
    Comptech Icebox Air intake
  5. on a bus? why the hell did you do that for?
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  7. To what car? Out of the hundred+ I've owned, some have been completely stock, and some have ben very much NOT stock.Drag cars, road race cars, street rods, customs, lowriders, mini trucks, etc, done them all. In my current stable, my Fiat Spider has custom paint and it's ben lowered 2". My '61 Ford Falcon is being lowered 5", getting custom paint and custom interior. My '63 Mercury Comet is getting a new frame, custom suspension with air ride, custom bodywork, and a Lexus 4.0 DOHC V8 and Supra 5 speed trans.
  8. Current
  9. intake only because the stock one was ripping
  10. Ugh
  11. I'd like to see pics of your car
  12. Please post your avatar.
  13. 93 MR2

    wheels, tires, suspension
  14. I always forget that you have an MR2. Pics?
  15. The Caliber being a lease, I have no interest to modify it, so it is bone stock. I popped in some Silverstar turn signal bulbs I had left over from the Mazda6. I overcame the silly Chrysler 3357 bulbs with the 3157ST bulbs by shaving the knobs off the side of the connector, which is the only difference between a 3357 and a 3157, different knobs.
  16. Same but for an SVT Focus, also has a short shifter and some brackets for fake 5 points that suck.

    For the Miata OMG TOP SECRET
  17. GT3071r and such.
  18. Turbo back, Intake, Accesport (programer), Springs, 17" Ultraleggeras, kumho ecsta MXs, Up-pipe on Friday, maybe a 16g soon depending on how the impellar looks, when I have the turbo off for the up pipe.
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  20. It would be awesome if I had a car <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>. I've helped my brother install some things thoughon his, so I guess I'll put some input into this thread.

    2003 Mitsu Lancer ES

    - injen short ram
    - kamikaze headers & downpipe
    - apex'i N1 exhaust
    - lowered, I think 1'' front and rear
    - 4 new michellin harmonee's (just basic replacement over the stock worn Yoko's)
    - Apline deck
    - jdm cedia headlights
    - hid
    - Evo VII tails

    The deck is soon to be replaced as a more powerful one will be needed for a sub. We have a cam gear sitting in the garage waiting to be paired with a new camshaft, and increasing compression by means of thinner a head gasket is a possibility.
  21. What car?
  22. Started life as automatic, 350 c.i. '72 Corvette

    Body off frame, frame painted with silver POR-15

    Engine, drivetrain, fuel delivery:

    2003 Corvette LS1 engine with 19,000 miles
    Magnuson intercooled blower with 90MM throttle body and inlet
    LS6 heads
    Comp Cam
    SS Hooker modified Hooker sidepipes (gorgeous!!)
    Be Cool radiator
    6 speed Tremec tranny out of 2001 Camaro
    Z06 clutch
    3.45:1 rear gear
    Rock Valley SS tank with in-tank fuel pump and baffles
    SS fuel lines

    Suspension, steering, brakes:

    QA1 adjustable semi-coilovers
    Van Steel tubular front A-arms
    Van Steel Adjustable transverse composite monoleaf rear spring
    Van Steel offset trailing arm
    3/4" front sway bar
    Wilwood 4 piston calipers on all four (ordered)
    Wilwood Master Cylinder
    Hydroboost off '90 something truck
    Slotted heat treated rotors
    SS brake line
    Steeroids Rack and Pinion Steering

    Interior (tan with body colored console and guage pod):

    Custom dash and center console (to do)
    Autometer Ultra Lite guages (to do)
    Door Panels undecided
    Tan C5 electric adjustable sport seats
    Power windows, locks, keyless entry (to do)
    Pioneer Head unit w/MP3 (to do)
    Speakers undecided
    Vintage Air AC kit

    Exterior and Wheels: (to do)

    Black paint (most likely)
    4" fender flares in rear, 2" in front
    Electric motor acuated headlamps (as opposed to vaccum)
    L88 big block long hood that deletes vaccum actuated wiper door
    Underbody antennae (filling hole)
    All new chrome bumpers
    Wheels (undecided, but at least 18x12 in rear and 18x10 up front)
    Tires undecided
  23. 20 mm lowering kit
  24. wrx
  25. dropped in the RB25det
    front mount intercooler
    thermo fan
    lowered, Pedders sport shocks/springs
    2.5" redback exhaust, single redback muffler, gutted CAT
    upgraded rear drums, to discs.
    VZ Storm Ute 17" wheels
    alarm/immobiliser/remote central locking
    Alpine DVA 9861E DVD head unit, 4 Alpine S-Type 6" speakers, 2 Alpine S-Type Subs, Alpine MRP350 Amp.
    Aftermarket steering wheel

    To do list:
    VN Group A front brake upgrade (same as C4 ZR1)
    4.11 LSD
    two pack, Spray job
    Calais exterior
    and maybe HSV leather seats.

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