What most Australians drive?

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by RLQ, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Wombat :D
  2. i drive this .. and no it isnt a dingo... Nor a kangeroo..
  3. No its a renult Kangoo
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  7. Would you like a glass of water to help calm you down a little?
  8. please.
  9. no
  10. The '90s Commodores weren't that bad in Fuel economy were they? I thought the GM V6 was pretty good.

    Hell it has to better than my Falcon...

    Last fill up cost $81, expected range = 450km
  11. When I had my VP V6 I was getting 12L/100km out of it (525km for 63L tank).
  12. I win!

    450km / 65L = 14.4L/100km
  13. its because toyotas sells commercial vehicles and is the best 4WD and AWD maker selling in Aus.
  14. I'm getting about 14.0L/100km in my LS1 at the moment.
  15. I know someone who was getting 200km per tank from their auto V6 VN. Another person I know with a manual V6 VS gets a bit over 300kms per tank.
  16. Auto?
  17. Any particular reason? engine mods? poor servicing?
  18. VS has an ecotech engine, obviously not the soul reason but it goes someway maybe?
  19. Yes
  20. Could have a heavy foot...VS's only have 59L tanks, could be a basic EFI problem.
  21. Still, LS1 engine > crappy '89 Falcon EFI 6
  22. aussi people mostly drive corollas, falcons, holdens, mercs, bmw, and wolks
  23. Wolks??
  24. I would have thought that engine would get better economy if it was running right and nothing wrong with it. Or is it only a 3sp auto or something?

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