What operating system do you use?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by supercarfreak123, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. If you have more than one computer, vote for the one you come on most often
  2. windows here. BTW, ignore the other thread.
  3. Windows, was thinking about switching to Linux.
  4. My dad wants to buy a new comp today and I'm trying to talk him into an Apple. There's no justifying the price spec-wise but all he's into is photos and videos so I think it would be easier...
  5. It's 3lit3 to say you use Linux.
  6. Windows ME to the bone.
  7. Windows XP, but I'll change to linux when I'm less lazy
  8. Mac isnt an operating system, the operating system on macs are OS9 (shitty old macs) and OSX (awesome new macs)

    OSX = by far the best operating system going around
  9. Windows ME owns you all.
  10. windows XP service pack 2
  11. you are 31it3 at 1337!
  12. I have 2 OSX laptops, 2 PC desktops and 1 linux desktop.

    Voted for OSX. I use it 90% of the time. Like now for instance.
  13. At home I use Windows XP Pro SP2

    At work I use Solaris 9 with Gnome 2.0
  14. Now if only someone would write software for it or at the very least it could run software written for OS9 without emulation.
  15. It has a whole bunch of software, teh only downfall being some games, which arent ported. The OS9 emulation is truly seemless, there is basically zero speed drop between using an OS9 program emulated or restarting in OS9 and using it there. Not that i have any OS9 programs.
  16. linux is for companies and fat nerds who hate microsoft.
  17. XP Home

    i pity all you ME-users...that was the WORST operating system i ever used
  18. W2K, better than ME/XP.
  19. I use XP Pro, but Linux = 1337 to the max hardcore
  20. HA! I also have ME in my pc in greece, but in the other two laptops we use XP.
  21. windows 2000 professional nt
  22. Back in Win98/ME days I swore off Windows and used Linux for a year or so (Mandrake mostly). Then WinXP came out and rocked my world... I'd still love to own an Apple if they were ANYWHERE near cost competative (my dad is buing a new comp' and I was looking at Apple but they're impossible to justify...)
  23. And metro to own

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