What P140 and the new L140?

Discussion in '1988 Lamborghini P140 Concept' started by Gamer55, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. Why is the name almost he same is it because of the fame or the blame maybe the game? (im a rappa', not really)
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    I think its because this is the first protoype of the L140 named the Gallardo which uses a V-10 (Lamborghini's first) and because of the body style which thankfully looks better on teh new L140.
  4. THIS THING WAS NOT A PROTOTYPE FOR THE GALLARDO!!! FOR THELAST TIME, IT WAS A PROTOTYPE FOR THE DIABLO!!!! jeez, ive seen other people acknoledge this fact as well, but people still persist on saying its a gallardo prototype!

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